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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello everyone,
    New member here, located in central AZ. Love all the info and opinions on this site, that are helping me decide what and how to CC, and all the other rediculously awesome stuff here!

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    Thanks for the welcome

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    Feb 2011
    Buffalo/New York
    thx lukem 4 asst. me with my profife hello everone I am a newbie to the forums

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    Been a member for about a year, I've done lot's of reading and learning from the forums and decided that it was finally time to say hello. Iím retired and live in SW Virginia.

  6. Howdy from a fellow Texan!

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    New Member from NE Columbia, SC. And new CCW holder and proud owner of a Taurus PT145.

  8. Hello Group

    Hello newbie here,
    Just poking around and checking out the site, looks like a great site.

  9. Greetings from new member

    Hello everybody

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    Feb 2011
    Greetings to you one and all ! As a lifetime long gun enthusiast, my bride and i became interested in handguns when i retired and we moves to our "paradise on earth" out in the woods of n.e. Texas. We have no neighbors, an electric gate, a stocked catfishpond and our very own shooting range. It's amazing how much more our grown kids (7) and grandkids (9) visit us now...go figure. Anyway my sweetheart & i recently acquired our chl wherein i out shot her 247 vs. 242 but she out scored me on the written 100 vs. 93. Does that tell you anything? We recently acquired handgun no. Five and just can't leave a gun show without a new gun anymore. Our time in life is as good as it gets and our spiritual growth increases every day.
    Which brings me to the reason that i have come to this sight. At the request of a very dear, yet unmet new friend and brother, j kirkpatrick. I strongly suggest that each of you read his recent thread in the general firearms forum entitled angels among us......i think it will touch many of you as it did me.

    See you on the web. And please always remember....god, family & country!

    Chasjan (charles)

  11. Hello to all you good people on this site from Henderson, Nv. I've been learning here for
    about a month, while awaittng my CCW. As of today there is another good guy among you.


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