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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi ya'll from Southwest Oklahoma. New to guns, looking for advice for a slim compact handgun for a small frame woman to conceal & carry on person.

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    Wenatchee, Washington

    Greetings from Washington State

    I just found the site more by accident than by design. I have been a CCW in Washington State for 4 years. Got back into shooting through my oldest son. Originally from Ill so I had really only shot shotguns. I now have two XD's (9mm & 45ACP) and a Kimber 1911. I mostly carry my XD 45 compact. I am interested in starting to shoot IDPA. Glad to be here.


  4. Hi member here..from the state of, "no can't have that",sunny califorinia..a great evening to you all..blkobra,(p.s. my car)

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    Hello from Philadelphia, PA..... RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!

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    Hudson, Iowa, United States

    Iowa Checking In

    Newbie from Iowa here...recently acquired my permit and still in the learning phase....great site here by the way!

  7. New member here from Northern California, CCW holder since 1987. Hello everyone.

  8. Welcome all Ye new members. So cold in thishere New Mexico (-36) that the Big City's top cop reported a 50% reduction in crime. So cold the bullets hunker down and don't want to come out of the barrel, that's a fact. If ya'll have an 'inside the pant' holster, make sure it's a well padded one. Those of you that favor that crotch style 'Thunderwear', be sure to pre-heat your 'Heat' before gettin' 'Strapped'. Ladies with a garter style 'Piece', Ya'll really need to chip off the ice before strappin up. Ladies also should take caution with them flimsy armpit holsters. The Kahr needs a little warmin' before the packin'.:>) Ya'll take care now and, "May the good Lord take a likin' to you"

  9. Active in NRA-ILA, USCCA, ARCCA…member in Arkansas

    Hi Group,

    Joining from Arkansas. Adding to a pool of defense resources and like minded persons. Active in NRA-ILA, USCCA, ARCCA…. I have been writing letters to reduce the list of prohibited carry locations, increase reciprocity, and support a national carry statute. A middle-aged USAFR citizen looking out for his family and country. There are to many restrictions on citizens and safe places for the nuts and crooks to operate with impunity.
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    Welcome to all the new members!

  11. Introduction Gun Lobbyist

    This is one of the boards I do not keep track of too much. I just realized it is all carry forms here.

    I run several open carry groups and am on the board for Responsible Citizens of California. I spend full-time lobbying against gun bills that infringe on our rights including putting out notices of actions such as this: Action Alert AB 144

    Use link above

    Part of what I am trying to do other than just notify my boards of what is going on at the capitol is also run updates on these other websites, 1 I created and the other I am admin of
    .AB 144
    Responsible Citizens of California

    I may include this board once I see how active it is in response.

    Alany H

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