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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Welcome to all the new members!


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    Daytona Beach, FL.
    Welcome to the new members

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    From Washington State

    Hi Everyone....been lurking for awhile and decided to finally join and do what I can to add to the forums awesomeness!

    I have lots of firearm experience from law enforcement (retired), instructor, collector, dealer and avid shooter. Hopefully I can bring some of my experiences here to help others and do my part to keep the 2nd Amendment from being watered down by our elected officials.

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    Hi Folks,

    I am the owner and director of Personal Protection Associates located in Newburgh, NY. We provide personal defense training, New York, Utah, Florida and Connecticut permit services to individuals (groups or private), clubs and ranges throughout the Hudson valley. Our police instructors provide fingerprinting services free of charge. We also offer premise consulting services to businesses and homeowners, providing safer more secure work and family environments.

    Our organization is relatively new and consists of five NRA certified pistol and personal protection instructors, range safety officers, former military and police weapons trainers, martial arts instructors, AWSDA certified rape defense instructors and a former NYC Deputy District Attorney with an extensive background in firearm law and criminal/civil defense. Our classes are conducted on a private range with classroom facilities.

    We offer discounts to members of USA Carry and GlockTalk. Feel free to contact us as we're always looking to expand our referrals to students outside of our area.

    Thanks and stay safe,

  6. Personal Protection Associates located in Newburgh, NY.

    To the author of this interesting article posted by BCI. I was looking for contact information and/or website but saw none of the important data.

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    Hey guys, frequent viewer and finaly joined!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Packin Mama View Post
    Hey everyone, it's nice to be here. I'm getting ready to get my ccp and thought this would be a good place to learn some things.
    Alright Packin Mama! Always good to welcome a new member to the CCP family. You'll find some really good advice in this forum.
    "They who give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin, 1775

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    Southern is a National Language, especially with GUNS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA-NSTRCTR View Post
    Hey guys, frequent viewer and finaly joined!!
    Greetings and Welcome from Lawrenceville, GA
    Life Member

  11. Welcome to a great forum, new members. Everyone keep informed as to the recent 'gun running'...... by local New Mexico Bureaucrats, supplying Mexican drug cartels with hundreds of weapons.

    Federal agents 'allowed' the illegal operation to continue while 'building a case'. Repercussions Will follow, affecting US law abiding citizens. Columbus NM was the scene of Pancho Villa's 4:17am raid Mar 9th 1916, resulting in General John Pershing's questionable 'Expedition' into Mexico. Pancho Villa Expedition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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