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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hi folks. New member from Niew Yawerk. I am originally from the great state of Arizona where open carry is permitted at all times except at a few watering holes that make you check yer gun at the door. I left AZ at 25 to chase a skirt and a job to Maryland with a stopover in Chicago. I enjoyed the hospitality of Maryland for 25 years where they even let you have a machine gun if your record comes back from BATF clean. Now I live in New York and I am having some difficulty accepting that I can't have the 25 pistols that I have collected over the years until I get a concealed carry permit that allows home storage and use and concealed carry. I probably won't have any trouble getting my permit since I passed all the background checks for my 'chine gun (which I had to sell, unfortunately since they are not allowed in this crazy state. I moved up here because the real estate market was stagnate and nice houses were going for a quarter of what they would have gone for in Maryland. I checked the firearms laws before I moved here but it still irks me that I had to put my pistols in a lock-up until I get my permit. I am retired and money is scarce. My wife has the handle on the purse strings and she hasn't found a way to put $110.00 up for the permit. So, I wait with bated breath till the day when I can plunk my permit application and my money down and get this silly business over with. I really miss my pistols. They are like my kids, ya know? Well, enough crying in my beer. Thanks for letting me in to this wonderful place. Azman.

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    Hello all from Chicago, IL (One of the worst places to live while owning a gun). Long time lurker first time poster. I have learned a lot from this site, it's members and look to contribute in the near future. I also can't wait to move to AZ where I can further get rid of this "guns are bad" mentality that is forced upon us.

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    JSDinTexas Guest

    A Big Howdy From Texas

    Allow me to offer a Big Howdy from Texas to all the new members. I hope you enjoy the site as I have.

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    About a month late posting on the new members thread but I've been doing a lot of reading and not much talking. This is a great site and I've learned a lot in a short time (gray hair still let's a little new knowledge in from time to time).
    Spring is in full fling here in Alabama. Already seen a few days around 90 degrees. Won't be long until we'll be sweltering in the heat and humidity everyday. Look forward to future reading and posting.

  6. Greetings from the U.P.

    Newbie here from the upper peninsula of Michigan where we have 6 or more months of winter.

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    Champlin, MN

    Thumbs up New Arrival

    We are Black Hawk Training Solutions based out of Champlin, MN. Please check us out at Home - Black Hawk Training Solutions We offer firearms training and alot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geezer Squid View Post
    Hi everyone!! New member here from Baton Rouge, LA. Been shooting all my adult life (and there's been a lot of it so far!!). Just got back in to it after a 10 year lapse. My wife and I are going for CC permit class in two weeks.

    Interested in getting into competition shooting as soon as I get the rust off (from inactivity). Bought a new Glock 34 to start playing with. Love it so far.

    Thanks for having me here!!

    Download all the rules from IDPA, look for a local club, a total of 4 magazines!
    You are in business.

  9. Noob

    Howdy all, from SC. Just thought I say hi here first.

  10. Been here a while, didn't know about this thread

    I'm on several weapons forums, but I have to admit this is the "spunkiest" I've seen, based on responses to a couple of my first posts. Anywhooo...lots of very interesting threads to peruse. :)


  11. Super Tuck IWB

    This is maybe my third post, but just trying to get the "lay of the land" so to speak. I've researched literally dozens of holsters for my new carry weapon, a Springfield Arms M0del 19ll with a 4 inch barrell. Will the Super Tuck carry the weight comfortably? Please help before I make another $100 mistake. Thanks for whatever input you have, and congrats to the winners......chris

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