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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. I'm a new member/supporter from Texasa

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    Greetings. I'm a new member from New York.

  4. @Bob J:
    We love RV traveling from NM (CCW/CHL/OC) and camping throughought CHL Texas. Feel far safer in CHL/CCW states, than Any presumedly 'Gun Free Zone'.. If anything 'Interesting' happens, well armed and qualified CHL 'Backup' Sheepdogs are usually only a couple of feet (seconds) away.

    "The Man with a Sword is a Free Man, The man without is a Slave".... quote from the Saxons swinging their 'Seax', as they drove the occupying Taxation obsessed Roman bureaucrasy out of England (Brittany)

  5. Right to Bear Arms

    I am glad to have you visiting our great state. It's great, as you know in a lot of ways.
    Take care in your travels and enjoy your peace of mind and your right to carry.

    Please note my following comment....

    It is not only a privilege but a constututional right be able to carry (bear arms) as part of our heritage in this great nation. CHL's are a means to allow us to fufill our constitutional right that our forefathers unconditionally included in the Constitution of the United States. Will anyone of us allow some law, doctrine, legislation or control measure to have us to relinquish our right by law?

  6. Hello,
    New member from Michigan, its a pleasure to be here.

  7. hello from mississippi gulfcoast

    Fellow CCW person here on the coast.

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  9. Today's 'News'. "Portable Pools alone, kill a child every five days in warm summer months in the USA". Can you imagine the
    outcry, downright outrage and demand for 'registration and confiscation' if 'Guns' did that much carnage? Doctors in some areas must now ask if you have a gun in the house? They should ask if you have a POOL of water..

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    Charlotte, NC
    Hi fellow sheepdogs. I'm new here, live in Charlotte, NC, for the moment, but will be moving to south Louisiana to be with my grandchildren, God bless 'em. I married a gorgeous Cajun child 41 yrs ago and we begat 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters and one grandson. He's 5...can't wait to corrupt him. I'm a disabled Vietnam Veteran and past Commander of Chapter 634, Military Order of the Purple Heart. I bet there are many more Purple Hearters out there. I shoot as often as I can, travel a LOT to south Louisiana to see my grandkids, ride a Goldwing Trike, pound and cuss the computer, and chase my wife. Thank goodness she has seen to slow down so I can ketch her. I move to south LA in 1969 after Nam to attend a flight school there for my Commercial license. I also found Susan in a pirouge fishing for catfish and crappie. She had no shoes, wore a cute little sun dress, and spoke mostly cajun french. I spent some time with her and taught her some English, bought her some shoes, and really liked the results. Anyway I married my commercial license too. On our honeymoon she said " Cherie, don't you ever hit me, as I keep a filet knife under the pillow and you know you got to sleep some time.....". I surely have behaved myself. After they finally cut off my war damaged leg, she laughed and said " I don't need that filet knife no more...all I got to do now is pushe you....". I'm still behaving....

  11. @scoutgunner: Welcome to the Gunners site. As my active generous Canadian French grandfather told everyone that asked 'How you doin Frenchy?" after they removed his gangrened leg, He always replied "Can't Kick" :>)

    He had pulled a guy with one wooden 'peg' leg, from the mud road in front of the land grandfather used for growing fruit trees. He then brought the guy food every weekend, fixed up the large insulated tool house with a stove and bed, then payed the Peg leg to watch over the hundreds of trees, berry bushes, grape vines and flowers, as the land was remote from the city.

    One day grandfather was working on the front acreage when a truck from the city pulled up to.... "pick up some More trees"?. The Peg leg had been selling grandfather's trees to buy him some 'lightin'. Grandfather proceeded to kick (Frenchmen do that easily) the Peg legs a## all of the way down the long driveway back onto the road where he found him.. Grandfather wasn't ever trained in 'Sensitivity' :>)

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