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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Another newbie from west central Ohio. I have so much to learn!

  3. Dave and Alisa Owners and Instructors at Firearms Training Idaho | Gun Training Idaho in Idaho!

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    Another Ohio newbie here, Cleveland area

  5. Welcome new members. Note in latest NRA's American Rifleman, Latest 'crime and murder' FBI stats for 2010. Down across the nation.... as record numbers of firearms sold (14 million FBI background 2010 alone) One exception.. NYC anti-gun Bloomberg and Schummer's state is showing predictable 'Increase' in crime and murder.
    John Lott is correct. Suzanna Hupp definetly knows, "More Guns, 'Less crime'"

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    Hello from Houston. Long time gun owner, new to site. Finding lots of good info here!

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    Newb checking in from Wisconsin.

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    Welcome Wisconsin!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Just joined today, Live in Michigan. Had my CCW for 7months now. Own a Glock 27, Ruger SR9C and a Walther PPK. Ready to learn and get information from like minded people!!!

  10. reply to: Spetsznaz Shovel: Glad to have Wisconsin on the board. Scott Walker is a 'keeper'. Thank your Freedom loving legislators for their common sense and courage to do battle with the Left's National Socialist Liberals. The USA has no desire for their proven deadly Totalitarian Dictatorships. Thank all Wisconsinites for Leading the Charge back to Sanity. Now Wisconsin's Industrial Heritage and production employment will regain momentum. Bless you for your courage and standing up to tyranny..

  11. re; to Gwgriggs. Welcome 'Mission Control'. Sorry to hear of the recent 'disfunctional family' and their own attacks at their family outing. Stand the Line. The Left's National Socialist Liberals will predictably use it to open 'Media Fire' on Your (and ours) Freedom. Bless all Freedom loving Texans. We travel and camp fascinating and geologically diverse Texas frequently. One of the safest states, 'Because' of freedom to Carry. A comfort knowing that concealed and certified back-up, is usually just a few paces away.

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