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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Aug 2011
    North Carolina
    Glad I found this site.

    CCW and NRA member from North Carolina. Avid gun collector and trader.

  3. hello i'm Gary.. i have a buffalo billy cody bolt action shot gun can't wait to try it for duck hunting
    i live in cincinnati ohio, i enjoy taking trips hunting and fishing favorite place is the UP of michigan

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    Aug 2011
    Sebewaing Michigan
    I am a Michigander and have in my possession a book entitled "How to Speak Southern" I also work with a fellow employee from Vicksburg Mississippi, so go ahead and speak southern , I can always reference the book for translation! I'm also a Newbie and will lurk awhile until I get comfortable with the crowd.

  5. Unhappy New to forum

    I just started carrying on a Florida non-resident permit. I live in Texas and am on a trip and found myself stranded in Colorado when my wife had to have emergency surgery. CO is the one state on my itinerary that does not recognise my CWP! What luck!! I was also told that even though my Kel Tec P-3AT is in a locked box in the trunk, unloaded and magazine is in the glove box, that even this was illegal!!!

  6. Thanks for the welcome I am interested in a.40 Glock long slid any 411 on this fire [email protected]

  7. Howdy all noob from Missouri.

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    Hello all!!

    I'm from just South of Nashville, TN.
    I've had a carry permit for 8 years and just renewed for another 4.
    I read some posts here and found them very interesting.
    Glad to be here.

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    Hello from Virginia. I love this site.

  10. Hello from Missouri

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    Aug 2011
    Jefferson, Ohio
    Hello from Jefferson, Ohio

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