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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Howdy fellow survivors : )

    Just checkin' in. Very impressed with USA Carry forum - which seems to offer more 'latitude' to its membership than some other forums - firearms related or otherwise.

    The allowance (within reason) for 'politics' is certainly a commendable feature, since indeed - however unfortunately - 'we' are all personally influenced by that factor, even if and when we avoid it as much as possible: 'politics' is unavoidable, I think there's a concensus on that 'opinion' (IMHO); a lot of forums on a lot of different subects all over the net are seriously intimidated by simply featuring an outlet by and through which the - qualified, reasonably expressed - truth may be freely expressed and talked about.

    Having said that, please consider the cordially intended import of advise that I've since heard several times in English, since first hearing it from my Dear Mongolian Mom, who learned it (as best I understand) from her Mongolian parents:

    "Please take and maintain control of your own life, because, if you don't, some one else will."

    May God bless America and all true Americans.

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    "Please take and maintain control of your own life, because, if you don't, some one else will."
    Welcome... And if you don't mind, I may borrow that quote from time to time. I love it!

  4. new

    Hi from Memphis TN

  5. Thumbs up hotrod

    Very well put, and she was right.

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    Hello to all. I'm new to the site and looking forward to the interaction. I feel it is more important that ever for us to be ready to inform and educate others concerning the fundamental right we have to bear arms in this great country. It's amazing to realize that there are a lot of people, male and female, who are interested in learning about the proper use and safety of firearms. Just always be polite and don't make them feel stupid when they ask basic questions. And offer to help in any way that we can.

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    Amen to glocknload's sage advice. Remember, we were all neophytes once so welcome those who are trying to follow us and be patient with them.

    NRA certified firearms instructor

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    Hello from northern Illinois. No ccw but I have my fingers crossed for the near future. Will have my Florida and Utah permits soon. Just looking for a place to share ideas and, hopefully, learn from others. More dangerous than being unarmed is being uneducated.

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    New guy, 5th generation Floridian, lifelong gun owner.

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    New member from mid MO here. Got some great info already

  11. Talking New girl says hi!

    Hi! Hi! Hi! I'm new to the forum and to guns. I can't wait to learn from all of you. This will be fabulous. I also can't wait to get to know the people on this forum. There's my Hello.

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