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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by CR Williams View Post
    This looks like where I should introduce myself and check to see if my settings are valid, so:

    I'm CR Williams and I live in South Central Alabama. I am a Suarez International Staff Instructor and if I've set it up right, my website will be displayed in the signature. My day job is in state government doing network and server support. I currently write primarily for the Warrior Talk News newsletter and have been print-published most recently in Concealed Carry Magazine. If you don't mind, I will avoid a lot more writing here until I can more thoroughly review the forum. I prefer to step lightly when I'm starting out somewhere.
    Good to see you here, my friend. I'm looking forward to your writings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
    I prefer to step lightly when I'm starting out somewhere. But carry a big stick?

    A polite word and a 2x4 will get you farther than a polite word alone, is what I hear. I'm not one to argue with experience...
    I don't care as much about making you more "tactical" as I do about making you better able to be the one still standing after the fight is over.

  4. New member from Baltimore, MD but living in Clinton, MS (Retired from the Army here). Been shooting for over 40 years.

  5. Newbie from Brandon ms

  6. THE SWORD OF GIDEON.....Great movie based on true events..CC to survive while avenging the attack on the Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics.

    'An armed man is a Free man, the un-armed a SLAVE" Quote from Saxons that drove Romans from Britania.

  7. Hi group,

    New join from North Carolina.

  8. Hello fellow CCW-ers,
    New member from Wisconsin, just waiting for my application to be processed (max. 40 days more).

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    Fairly new member from Mt. Sterling, KY

    I found this app for my new android phone and I must say i've really enjoyed reading the threads. I've carried concealed for awhile and i'm reading some really good questions i'm glad to finally get the answers to. Proud to be from the great state of Kentucky!

  10. Hello from Nebraska! New member that is looking forward to learning and sharing!

  11. Hi all,
    I just recently got my CWP for Iowa.

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