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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi there I am from the great gun state of Massachusetts! I am trying to help my husband gather info to get his guns back

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimm1 View Post
    Hi there I am from the great gun state of Massachusetts! I am trying to help my husband gather info to get his guns back
    This doesn't sound good. Are you able to elaborate on what happened? I can reccommend some good firearms
    attornies if you need one...

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    new here

    Hey I'm Dave and have been hunt and fishing and shooting sense I was a kid. Got my first hand gun 5 or 6 yrs ago. Got my ccw and now carry just about every I can legally.

  5. somewhat - My husband is an Alabama guy, ret from uscg in 2009. Can't go into details but he was arrested and since he did nothing wrong he said go ahead and search car and his weapon was in it. It led to them finding out about his collection. While police detained him they told me they would meet me at my home and would take weapons. i went to my lawyer's home instead. When i arrived home i told them they needed a searh warrant and police blocked my drive way for over 8 hours so i couldn't leave. Police have guns and now it's coming up on a year and i am afraid they will try to keep them. Can they do this??

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    That is a case of an ******* LEO! I have heard of the Leo's takin possesion of they firearm found, but never trying to follow a citizen home to try and collect all his firearms. This cop needs some more trainning. In the cases where the LEO took posesions of the gun they found in a car or one a person, the citizen was able to go and pick up the gun several weeks later from the Police dept. I know in MS, where we have the castle doctrine in affect, it is legal to have you gun in your care as it is considered an extension of your home. Your husband getting a lawyer was thebest thing he could have done in this case.
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    FNG checking in. Here to learn and share. End of the career is just on the other side of the hill and started a business. Looking to see just what people need and make that happen. Glad to be aboard!

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    For Heaven's sake get yourself a good lawyer - IMMEDIATELY!

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  9. Hi all, from a newbie in western WA. :)

  10. Hi, just thought I would drop in to say hello from Wisconsin. Since I received my CCL here in Wi.,, I have been carrying all the time.
    Glad to be here.

  11. new to the forum.

    Hello all! Home is Arkansas but I travel all over the eastern US. Look forward to bringing y'all along!

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