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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Welcome all new folks.

  3. sayimg hi ...

    Just dropping by to say hi from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts where freedom ain't free unless it rhymes with PC ... looking forward to getting a LTC-A soon.

  4. New member from Louisiana. Howdy to all!

  5. Anybody know if the Senate is going to take up the Reciprocity Bill?

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    Reciprocity on CC permits

    I think it unlikely that the Senate will act on this bill before it recesses for Xmas. Our solons are too anxious to get home for the holidays. I'm also afraid that our chances are not too good for after New Year's as several liberal Senators have vowed to fillibuster it under the guise of "States Rights." Also, 2012 is an election year and getting reelected will be the first priority of any politician up for reelection incuding, alas, some of our political allies. Conversely, in politics nothing is certain. If the NRA and other like-minded supporters really flex their collective political muscle we just might be able to pull it off. Let's hope so.

    Washington, DC

  7. Hello from central Florida.

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    A nice warm-ist (from the heart...not the weather outside...) welcome to everyone here that just joined us. Here you will find a variety of topics you can either enjoy joining in or just reading from. They can be really entertaining. The folks out here are pretty conservative but there are a few lefties who butts in from time to time...LOL So warm up your socks and prepare to sit and jump in when you can.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  9. hello everybody!
    i m from India.found this forum very informative for a beginner like me.
    i m an airgun lover and love airgun shooting!

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    Hello from Mississippi.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by hunter468 View Post
    hello everybody!
    i m from India.found this forum very informative for a beginner like me.
    i m an airgun lover and love airgun shooting!
    India had a bit of problem when the terrorists invaded. Too bad that no one was allowed to be armed to stop them. Hope that many now learned the lesson about self preservation. In USA we have Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Our 'Second Amendment' is our self defense 'Right'. Maybe some day India will understand. In the meantime, enjoy your airguns, we like them also. Practice self defense, better than no guns.

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