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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello I'm blackdog and I'm a gunaholic. Someone showed me how to shoot and it was down hill from there.

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    Hi all! Newbie from KS checking in.

  4. Hello from Arkansas.
    Times have changed and, so have I. I love the old weekly TV series like "The Waltons",and the "Andy Griffith Show", It reminds me of how times have changed so much. I remember leaving my keys in my car at the local shopping center. You could lay your head down at night and leave your house unlocked. Whew, now i have a conceal carry license. I have a conflict of interest with this but, i'll get into that on a different post. Just stopped here to say Hello. slabstick

  5. Hello everyone from South Carolina. I got my CWP last year, own a glock 26 and joined because I was looking for a mobile app and came across this site. Looking forward to some great discussion about concealed carry. Also looking for a mobile app on state laws, etc. for when travelling. Let me know if you know of one.

    "when seconds count cops are only minutes away"

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    This is Primorion from Central Ohio, wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday!

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    Welcome to the 3 new members (as of today). Mrmudzilla, here. In case you are wondering, the handle comes from the tires on my "Man-Toy" quad. It is also the license plate on its trailer. Happy and safe New Year to all!!!

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    Dec 2011
    NC & finest hotels in the US.
    Well I just found this & joined. I'm a former police officer currently employed by a major US airline. On the side I teach personal safety. Looking forward to being a member here.
    Be safe:

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    Hi,from Las Vegas My name is Phil and looking forward to 2012 with USA Carry. Thanks and Happy New Year

  10. Hello group newbie from wisconsin, probably going to sit back and listen awhile before openning my big mouth.

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    Hello and Happy New Year, to all.
    It's mindset, marksmanship and tactics that win gunfights.

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