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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Smile

    new to the thread, new to CCW. Looking to learn from others mistakes. :)

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    new to forum, i am a chl permit holder for 2 years now. my purpose for gun ownership is personal protection. i only own handuns that i will carry. no safe queens for me.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by besafe2 View Post
    Well I just found this & joined. I'm a former police officer currently employed by a major US airline. On the side I teach personal safety. Looking forward to being a member here.
    Former, as well as present LEO's are a valuable asset to any 'Carry' site. Their 'Real Life' experience is far more reliable than 'imagined' scenarios. We are looking forward to any contributions and advice on weaponry handling from LEO's. Thank you for joining. USA Carry is richer with your welcome addition.

  5. Hello from the communist state of Illinois. Someday we will have CCW!!

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    New member from NC. waiting on CHP...Hope to learn much on this forum. Happy new year.

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    Jan 2012
    Blue Grass, Iowa
    New member here. I am an NRA Instructor. Range Safety Officer. I am a retired Firefighter. Also, Was a past Board of Directors for Member of Iowa Firearms Coalition. I have been looking over the website and have been very impressed with it. Jerry Schulz

  8. New again to guns. Been 30 years or so since I have held one. My girl friend from NC is moving to MA and we need to do the right thing to move her wepons from down south to MA. I hope to learn alot and make some new friends. Thanks for having me!

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    Howdy from Texas

    Just joined today. Been carrying for about 13 years now.
    Never had any problems. Lots of crime in this part of Texas though.
    Take care and be safe and alert

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    Another new South Carolina member

    Hello everyone! I will be a fly on the wall around here and hope to make a few friends and learn something in the meantime.

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    White Doberman Guest

    Hello From NY

    Newbie from NY State, obviously not NYC...

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