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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    I am so glad that a friend sent me this site and recommended it to me. I am and have been all in for CCW years before Va. passed it into law. I went back to college at age 44 due to some health issues(back). During that time I had to write an essay for English. I picked CCW and how it was changing crime rates across America. To make a long story short I didn't know that my instructor was anti-gun and anti-hunting. In my essay I told about Florida's crime rate dropping and how the biggest push for CCW permits was from women. That states that implemented CCW, crime rates dropped that same year in every state that passed a CCW law. She wrote on my paper that I had almost convinced her that the CCW permits were a good thing! I wrote back that I wasn't trying to convince her, I was just showing how it was deterring crime across the USA.

    Anyway, Thank you for a great site that will help keep everyone informed and answer questions. I wish this was available when I was writing the paper!


  3. Thanks for the welcome -- central Florida here -- looking forward to contributing to & learning from this forum.

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    Just a quick intro from New York. I've been registered at this forum since September, but not spending much time here until the last couple of weeks. Hope to start contributing a little here and there..
    - Annette, NY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blogengeezer View Post
    In NM we have a vast community comprised of a majority of 'immigrants':>) from NY. Upon arrival into a 'Freedom loving' state, the first thing they seem to desire is the NM Concealed Carry certification. A pent up desire, now released? Rio Rancho is a very safe, polite community, as the result of this common practice. OMEGA DEFENSE is an excellent source of Sandoval County training. With Blackwater (Xe) experience, I rank Reid above most.
    Welcome, Blogengeezer. I know Reid very well. Took the NM CCL training from him three years ago in Albuquerque, but had to give it up when I moved to Colorado. Reid is a great guy. I especially liked his "war stories."

  6. Hello all. I'm the new guy. A little about myself im from MS, don't actually have my ccw permit yet, but theI wife and I will be filling out our paperwork soon. Still undecided on choice of carry Springfield XDM or Glock Gen4 23.

  7. Hello, from a nub in Indiana.

  8. Hello, From the foothills in CA, Glad I found this site, I was TRYING to get on CALCCW but after 2 weeks of waiting to get " Approved " to post there I gave up, The administrators there are obviously asleep at the wheel. Thanks for having me and I hope to be an asset to this site and learn some too.
    I carry a 45ACP because shooting twice is just silly.

  9. Just joined is there a forum for which guns members like??

    I am leaning to the kahr cm9

  10. @ charliek: refer to : Took the NM CCL training from him three years ago in Albuquerque, but had to give it up when I moved to Colorado. Reid is a great guy. I especially liked his "war stories."...
    Reid disappears periodically, as he has all of his professional life, returning to Sandoval SO with a few 'new' stories. Sometimes with a limp or other slight injury. The stories are always fascinating to this old gunner. We travel through Colo often and feel much safer knowing the local CCW's are in abundance to back us up in a rare, possibly dicey situation. Feel much safer than in years past when I trained hiked and camped there. Especially when Cannon City 'cut a few loose' as it was known to do :>)

  11. Hello all. Looking forward to spending a lot of time on this forum learning all I can so that when CCW comes to Illinois (eventually) I'll be well educated.

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