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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi new here from FloriDUH.. I am a 14th generation NorCal born..but wifes company moved here..So here I am STUCK.. in the worlds LARGEST sand box.

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    Hi. New to this forum. Just purchased My first handgun, a XMd 9 3.8, and I am trying to learn as much as possible before I get My CCL. Look forward to hearing from fellow carriers.

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    new here

    Hi. I just joined the forum. I recently purchased my first handgun, a XDm 9 mm 3.8, and trying to learn as much as I can before getting My concealed license. Look forward to any advice from fellow carriers.

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    Hello Folks, I am a Newbie also and am trying to learn more about handguns and how to navigate on this site

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    Hello and welcome; Craig.Mo, Drzzit, Buffalo11, jdrex, driverofall, Looksbetterinred, Eod, Hopalong, and rrman12280.

    I am new myself, yet in the short week I have been here I have found quite a lot of lively and informative debates with a lot of good posts and plenty of good information flowing here. Enjoy.

    @ Drzzit, Since you asked for advice, here you go... A few months ago I wrote this article entitled "Concealed Carry Basics (Part 1) - or - The Art of Staying Grey" outlining the fundamental concepts and principles of carrying concealed, it also gives advice on how a new carrier can get up to speed quickly.

    Additionally; I was on another forum and found this link that gave some solid practical ethical, mental, and civil advice which old or new CCW holders can use.

    I hope this helps you on your journey.

    Best wishes,

    - SB

  7. SB,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I have downloaded the white paper for reference. I am not new to firearms but certainly new to CCW. I have a lifetime in Indiana.


  8. just joined from central pa

  9. Hello, all. Newbie, just joined from Georgia :)

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    @ jdrex,

    You are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the white paper. Please feel free to chat me up or private message me to let me know your thoughts on the topic and if the information proved useful for you.

    @ vs1100star2002 and gman1: Welcome to the forum, I think you will enjoy it here. I am new myself, yet with the few posts I have shared with people and read from others, there is a great spirit of camaraderie, and helpful attitudes abound.

    Best wishes,

    - SB

  11. The USA carry map is good for showing where your CCL is valid thru reciprocity. The biggest issue I have found is finding the most comfortable and convenient way to carry. Also wise to know what facilities are govt owned!

    There is also a lot of debate as to whether you should carry locked and loaded with a bullet in the chamber and take the chance of an accidental discharge, or carry without a bullet in the chamber and increase the time it takes to pull and arm your handgun. Ultimately you will have to make this decision.
    Making sure you hit your target!

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