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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Newbie here, hello to all! Boy, it would be awsome to win that RugerLC9 and all the goodies.
    new to this posting stuff, hope this msg, thread goes thru....miketn

  3. Hello from Nebraska
    Simper Fi

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    Hello and greetings from the unsunshine state of Ohio; I am new to your site, but happy to be here. It is nice to know that so many people are concerned about our 2nd ammendment rights. We need to keep our enemies close, and our guns closer. Looking forward to your newsletter.

  5. Gave myself a Beretta 92FS for Christmas and am really enjoying it. I've put about a thousand rounds through it already. And enjoying the whole pistol-packin' community online and at the range. Sadly, I live in the one remaining state with no CCW provision. Looking forward to changing that. Maybe my next "gift" will be the new Beretta Nano!

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    Brighton, Colorado
    Hello all from Colorado, my name is RJ I am a paramedic and shooting sports instructor. I am glad to have found this site

  7. Mattman is here

    Hello everyone. Just jumping in to gain from the experiences and wisdomof others; or perhaps lack of.

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    Hello from a newbie in Detroit MICHIGAN

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    Hi everyone..I am from the land down under..Australia.

  10. I have been on here for a couple of weeks, but still consider myself new. Looking for my first CCW, so all feedback is welcome. My budget is tight right now, so I'm not in the high range league yet.

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    Oak, Creek, Wi.
    Hello people, not sure if I am in the right spot to do this or not, but, here I am anyhow. I would like to offer a warm hello to everyone and just say that I am really excited about being here because I love guns and enjoy talking about them. My wife, bless her heart really has no interest in anything I have to say about guns and I really do not have any other venue to do so, so it is good to have a place where I can do this at will on any given aspect of guns. As you can see from my profile, I live in Wi. I am excited to report I just received my conceal and carry license a week ago. That reality is however tempered by the heavy responsibility that comes with. I have many questions, topics and variances I would love to discuss, but will save all of that for another time. Until then though, hey, great to be on board with all of you!

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