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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by BIG M View Post
    my wife is from Elicott City, and I know it fairly well, or used to. tell me do you have a cc license from Md.?
    Former police officer not retired. Had the forms was dissuaded from wasting the money!

    Best I could do was Utah non resident!

  3. Great to be here.
    Awesome website full of a ton of useful information---and from what I've been reading, a lot of knowledgeable people that I can learn from as well.

  4. New From Hollywood, Florida

    I live in Hollywood Florida and am getting used to having a Ruger snuggling to my side. It is a nice feeling with the BGs look at me like I am a hot blonde in a bikini which I am not.

    I am working on a web page with notes of my overall experiance of why and how I got the CWP.

    My Concealed Weapon Permit Dean Lautermilch

    Living in Florida means low wages and other issues but at least carrying a weapon is not hard to do compared to other states.

  5. new member

    Hi! New member, avid hunter, & gun enthusiast! Glad to be a part of the community!

  6. Hey everyone, newbie here with some fiery opinions. Piqua, ohio

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    Good morning y'all!

    I'm Christo, a resident of Atlanta (I'd say GA, but Atlanta just "isn't Georgia"). I've had my GA firearms permit for years, and regularly carry, both concealed and (mostly) open. I'm currently applying for a VA permit, and as soon as I can find a cheap shack under a SC intersection I can afford, I'll get one from there too... (What is the deal with SC??) I've been a member of (very active organization!) and the NRA, and am glad to be joining this group (I was brought here by the fabulous interactive reciprocity map!). All cards out on the table, as altruistic and extroverted as I am*, I'm also posting this to become eligible for the CCW Package giveaway (what an AMAZING deal!). I currently carry a Smith and Wesson M&P9c *everywhere*, and I've had a couple Glocks in the past (G19 and G26). Big fan of polymer since they're solid guns, easy to break down and clean, and I'm much more comfortable carrying Condition One with a striker system versus a hammer. I also UNDERSTAND the difference between opinions and facts, and don't get into arguments over what gun is better (brand, caliber, safeties, etc). The best gun is the gun that works best for you!

    Any way, I know that was a long one, but it's an introduction post!


    *There is a lot of sarcasm here, I'm afraid. ;)

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    Welcome. Where're you from?

  9. Thanx for the howdy-do. It pleases me to have been born in a great country where we can openly express our opinion and comment on others. Thank you for the bill of rights and the constitution; thank you to all our forefathers for establishing and defending them. P.s. and to all the anti-gunners; they defended your rights as well by the use of a gun. Never forget.

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    New to USA Carry!!

    Hello to all from Kansas, found this on twitter and joined!

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    Georgia Newbie checking in

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