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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello I'm a newbie from Alabama

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    Hello from Northwest Indiana..... Been reading and learning.....Been putting in my 2 cents here & there.....Sometimes only 1 cent.....
    Member of NRA, GOA, USCCA & NAHC

  4. Hello from Pennsylvania

  5. Been following for a while on facebook. Soaking in the info. New permit holder and carrying a sr40c

  6. Hi from NC. This question probably gets asked a ton, but is there any talk of doing a mobile phone version of the state reciprocity map?

  7. Hey all, I am new to conceal carry, been shooting all my life but I see a time to carry. I have been living in Louisiana now for 6 months, so I am able to get my conceal carry permit. I have been looking at the Ruger LC9 as a CCW, any opinions from anyone? I have shot it a couple of times at the range, but I am used to shooting a P90 and P95, it is so small but I need something easy to conceal.
    I had the salesman at the gun shop pushing the Kahr CM9, I like the price of the Ruger, but I want something I can depend on every time it shoots. I have put 1000+ rounds in each of my other 2 Rugers 45 & 9 without one failure, so I am sold on the Ruger semis.
    Appreciate any info and opinion.

  8. Hello from Raleigh, NC.

  9. New member from the slightly less socialistic republic of MD.

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    Shoshone, Idaho
    Hello!! Newbie from Idaho! Have been skimming threw the forums for months, decided today to join.

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    Hello all, newbie from Missouri. Looks like a wealth of information around here.

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