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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. I am a new member also and I must say there are some great threads in this forum for concealed carry or general gun discussion.

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    Hello from Utah! Newbie here to USA Carry...looking forward to honing my knowledge and maybe throwing in my .02 every now and again! Stay Safe & Carry Often!

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    Another new member from Utah. I've enjoyed the forums for a while now and figured it was time to sign up. Taking my concealed carry course on Saturday with my wife. Anxious to begin carrying.

  5. Another from behind enemy lines.... Upstate that is.

  6. I just found this board today and I hope to be getting a permit soon. I live in NC.

  7. Long time reader, and first time poster. Over the years this forum and the magazine have been awesome resources. Thanks.

  8. Newbee

    Hi my name is Tyler Long I am a resident of the state of Indiana, a proud licenced carrier, and a new member to this site/app. Can't wait to see what kind of knowledge and stories everyone here has to offer!

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    Hi all, newby from Lafayette Indiana. Long time permit holder. Currently carrying a Ruger SR9c. Prior Law Enforcement and Firefighter. Currently a machine maintenance technician for a company that makes bolts and fasteners. Married (20 years), three kids (18,17,15). Love anything outdoors, but especially grilling and chilling with adult beverages during the summer months.

  10. New to USA Carry. so far like what i see. thx All so i have had my NC concealed carry permit for about 7,8 years now.
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    Signed up a few days ago. Looks like a great site. I have been carrying a weapon concealed since I turned 21 (18 years ago). I was in the Navy, Army as a MP, a correctional officer and a law enforcement officer in south Florida. I also am a USPSA member and compete in local gun matches. I reload my own pistol ammunition to cut back on the cost of shooting, and I am a NRA pistol instructor. I hope I can keep my hobby for a very long time.

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