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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Welcome newbies,I'm a newbie to,from Indiana.

  3. New guy from VA....Hi..

  4. Welcome to the freedom of information highway.
    As far as your pistol choice; its yours. Use what you feel good with. Remember to weigh out the pro's and con's like the auto. Has more rounds for a battle, but more than likely the battle will be a short one. I truly hope you never have to find out.
    Thanks for looken. Mattman.

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    Hello from a newbie in Wisconsin.
    I have CCW permit here and also Florida.

  6. I want to Say hello to all From an Ol' Army vet. Thanks for the oportunty to enter the recent give away.

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    Hello, new female handgun owner here. I have done some hunting many years ago with rifles and shotguns, but got my CCW, a revolver and a pistol a couple of months ago. I am training and reading everything I can so I can be safe and prepared. My reason for carrying is self-protection and target shooting. I have a friend who was assaulted and raped in her home of 35 years by a homeless stranger recently. When I hugged her and cried with her all I could say was do whatever you need to to feel safe again, get a weapon and learn how to use it. Later when I thought about it I realized I needed to take my own advice, so here I am and my husband and adult son have joined me an got their CCW license.

    I enjoy reading the threads on this forum there are some knowledgeable gun people here (and a few not so :) I also like the sense of humor I read on many posts.

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    Welcome, CCWlady, from Colorado. Sorry about your friend. Good for you for the advice that you gave her.

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    Hello all, I'm new here and I'm in the process of getting my CCW permit here in Northern California. so far it's been a smooth process and from what i understand pretty easy. Our Sheriff is a pretty good guy and believes that if your a law abiding citizen and have a clean history you should be able to have a concealed carry permit. it pretty much a shall issue situation. looking forward to interacting on this forum and getting some good information about concealed carry gear that others use on this forum.

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    Hi all. New member from NC here. Not new to guns, but new to conceal carry. Still trying to find a way for a large guy to carry comfortably. Pocket is the easiest, but don't really like any of the pocket holsters I've tried. I'm also interested in some of the less expensive weapon options. For example, I love my Charter Arms 38. I also love my Taurus TCP. The price of both of those added together is less than the guns most people carry. (however, I have to admit, I'd LOVE to have a new Colt Mustang 380)

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    Welcome to all of the new members, it is great to have so many people joining the forum, interacting and exchanging information. I look forward to your posts and future discussions.

    - SB

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