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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Dec 2011
    Auburn Maine but from greenville sc
    hey everyone im a newbie from maine.

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    Apr 2012
    NE Mississippi
    Wow...been here a couple of days and finally stumbled across the Welcome newby thread.

    I live in NE Mississippi, about an hour from where I grew up. Been shooting since I was big enough for someone else to hold the gun up for me. My dad had a S&W Model 10 and my mom's brother was a gun nut ranging from building black powder rifles from scratch to nice modern rifles and needless to say that I grew up around guns. Got my first .22 rifle at 12, first shotgun at 16.

    Bought a few nice pistols back in the late 70s when I came of age, but realized I had a real anger problem. I wrote the book on road rage a couple of decades before it had a name. I realized to stay out of trouble, I'd better sell all of my handguns, including the Mod 39 Smith that I had fallen in love with. Did a lot of growing up in the next decade, including spending the last half of the 80's as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. Oh, I shot a lot of other people's pistols over the past 30 years, including the Sig P226 that fit my hand as if it was part of me, but I just didn't think I was ready to be trusted with one of my own.

    Today I am a different, older, calmer person. A few weeks ago my loving wife bought me a Ruger P345, with kind of an unspoken agreement that I'd buy her something later, and we'd both get CCW permits. Thought I'd better take a while to get re-accustomed to shooting etc before even deciding on a holster.

    Sure glad to have happened upon this forum, I think from suggested links on Facebook.

  4. Newbie from Oregon. Transplanted from Hawaii. It's nice to be in s state where the legislators feel adults are responsible enough to carry.

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    Apr 2012
    Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
    Greetings from Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

  6. Hi,
    Newbie from OK, But transplanted to NE.
    I've finally settled in a location long enough that I'll probably get my cvs in the next few months. (sadly spent the last 7 years in NYC. Gun owner hell. )

  7. Just up the road from my hometown. Thanks for keeping us safe.

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    Howdy from Mid-Missouri! We are one of the fortunate states that respects responsibly armed citizens....for the most part. Glad to have this forum available. I look forward to meeting some like minded folks here.

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    Ah, but Oregon won't recognize other (Florida Resident) permits. So it is not nearly as good as a lot of other states.

  10. New member from Florida

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    Hello, Newbie here. I want to vent about some of the things being posted on this website. A little background first: 40+ years CC, certified NRA and MA instructor, Vietnam vet (volunteered infantry), hold permits in MA, FL, NH, ME and PA. I just spent about an hour looking at the various licenses issued (I found 44), and except for three, most of them contained the words firearm/pistol/ revolver or handgun. The three exceptions actually had the word weapon or weapons. In the many years I've been instructing, I've always tired to teach my classes to use "firearm" instead of gun or weapon, because I don't want them to think of their firearm as an agressive instrument. Liberals love to call firearms "guns," as if all we 2nd Ammendment folks are just waiting to shoot everyone. In other words, my mindset is to think of criminals carrying guns, not firearms, which are what honest, law-abiding citizens carry. While I'm at it; I've never heard so many comments about shooting bad guys, then on this site. If someone came into my class with that attitude, I would refuse to sign-off on their LTC. My practice (learned through many years of experience) is to never, ever get into a situation where one would have to resort to a firearm, the utterly ultimate and non-revocable resolution. I stress a complete change of lifestyle. No more road rage. Be polite and cooperative at all cost. Don't put yourself in places or positions where trouble can occur (convenience stores at 3am, neighborhoods with crime, interjecting yourself in squabbles, etc.). I've followed the forums on CarryUSA for years, and it's astounding how many folks here seem to want to put themselves and others in jeopardy! Also, before you remark on a legal subject, research it! It's not fair to new CC folks to mislead them with opinions masquerading as facts. Opinions about firearms laws are okay (most of the laws are foolish), but they should be obeyed. If you don't like them, get them changed by electing those who agree with you. This from a guy in MA, who has only one candidate voted into office in the last twenty years due to our one party system. But I'll keep trying! Okay, I blew off enough steam, now come the "slings of outrageous fortune."

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