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    I have thought the same thing, reading some comments its almost like some people expect/want to use their firearm. I actually posted a comment on a blog or something saying ” Dont be so quick to jump to your firearm ”.

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    Welcome, Boston Boy, and well said. I'm glad you decided to join in the voices here. I'm newer, I'm learning and I hope I never have to use my firearm for anything but target practice, but it's nice to know there is more people like you and the folks on here that have level heads about things. I look forward to more of your posts.

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    Welcome to all the new people here, look forward to meeting you and learning more about you.

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    Welcome! This is a great freedom that we have and with it comes great responsibility. Thank You Boston Boy for those words of wisdom.

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    Hello again,

    I am encouraged by the several positive remarks brought forth by my tirade. I just did some quick math: 40+ years of visiting range twice a month, firing on average 100 rounds, gives me a total of 96,000 rounds! And that's not counting my Army experience, where for a time I operated an M-60. Now that I am retired, I have the time to tote up these completely useless facts. Speaking of retired; I've decided to instruct and qualify any local residents (Massachusetts North Shore, Topsfield/Boxford/Middleton/North Andover/Andover/Lawrence, etc.) for FREE. Only payment is range fee (at most $20) and ammo. So, if you, a relative or friend is looking to get an LTC (License to Carry), contact me at email below. Oh, by the way, this Martin/Zimmerman thing is getting out of hand with all the ad hominem and repugnant remarks all over the internet. Opinions are taken as facts, the media (where I worked) is running wild, and folks have decided that either Martin was a thug or Zimmerman was a vigilante. Let's please cool our jets, act and behave responsibly. We as CC, must be like Caesar's wife, above reproach! Okay, if you want to train for your LTC, drop me a line @ [email protected]

  7. I am a vietnam vet too. Served infantry with 82, 101, 1st, 5th,10th sf, 20th inf & 30th inf. Lots of experience but still learned some excellent lessons and i agree with your lecture on firearms, they are the weapon of last resort. A good run is better than a bad stand., if i avoid the situation today, maybe i can live in peace another day. Not that i am a coward. We have too many stand your ground fools when the situation could have been resolved peacefully. I still think background inv. Is good, lets add a psy eval also. Some of us don't want to be labered as a coward. I have been labered with a lot of names, but thank god i an still alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cclark209 View Post
    New member from Florida
    Welcome and enjoy all the knowledge you can acquire from this bunch of fine gentlemen..

  9. Hello from east nc. My ccw instructor recommended this website and I can see why...def a lot of useful info here.

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    I still think background inv. Is good, lets add a psy eval also.

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    I can't go along with requiring a psych eval to obtain a permit (or license or whatever ya call it). In MA, some police chiefs (who sign off on License to Carry) have been requiring one so that they are indemnified, believe it or not! Applicant must pay the doctor's fee, along with training ($100+) and LTC fee of $100, plus club enrollemnt, which is another $150 to $300. Not only don't I personally believe in psychiatry and psychology, but I know that you can lie (ask prison inmates) to these doctors, and they have no way of proving your sincerity. Let's leave it to one's honor, integrity and character. As an instructor, I am the first line of defense, as it were. Nobody is gonna pull the wool over my eyes. I spend about an hour questioning potential applicants, posing the same series of questions over and over again, albeit in different ways. If you're evil or bizarre, and have questionable motives, then adios! I don't want potential putzes packing. I go over the application form and process with my students in detail. If they answer yes to any of the no-nos, that's the end of my involvement. I cannot in good faith agree to arming someone who has the wrong mindset. No money charged (I teach pro bono), just my time. And that is small enough value in stopping rogues.

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