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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States
    Leonbanshee, where from in PA? I live a little north of Pittsburgh. Welcome to the group!

  3. Hi All, Kevin from Wisconsin. Waiting for my CCW permit to come back. Im looking for a new sidearm to carry concealed, any suggestions???

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    Hello from southeastern AZ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Quigley View Post
    Hello everyone! New member in Endicott, NY (Upstate). Interested in concealed carry. I'm hear to read up, learn some things, ask questions, and begin my journey into the world of gun ownership.
    Hi Todd, if I may ask how old are you, and exactly where is your home, I used to live on corrnell ave, by the three water tanks, move south in 83, last time back was in 07, still have family and friends there, went to Union Endicott, HS, wasn't really into the guns before moving, other than a rifle or shotgun, to big a hassel to have a handgun there, it can be done but you need the patience of a saint, I trade back and forth all the time here, at present I think we have 18 or 19, good luck with your permit.......please post back.....PM if you want...........Dave.......

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    Very new here...just learning a lot of good information thanks!

    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    Hello from Little Rock Arkansas

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    Newbie member from Ontario, Canada (yeah, I know, why am I here?), retired, and recently decided to rediscover the shooting sports. I'm interested in any and all aspects of firearms ownership, and safety, and just curious about the anecdotal experiences and opinions of other firearms owners. I used to own a Cooey .22LR semi-auto rifle when I was a kid, and we had fewer regulations. That was then, and this is now. I plan to join a club/range, and am looking to acquire an assortment of guns to get back into the shooting sports as a hobby in my retirement.
    If gun control works, can someone explain Chicago to me?

  9. New to site, Look forward to new and interesting site.

    Best Regards, Ardis

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    I'm pretty new to this site and have really enjoyed reading and responding to posts. Thanks everybody!

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    I had a Ruger SR9c and selling it is one of my great regrets. nice and slim, great trigger, good sights, also available in .40. I think I might buy another one...hope that helps med1862

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