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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Meleniumx from Greencastle, PA

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    Hello from Virginia

  4. Hello from a long time lurker from CT.

  5. Hello from a newbie from Iowa :)

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    Newbie from the Oregon Coast, and I just got my CHL

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    Psychologically enhanced / E of Narrows
    A big welcome to everyone recently joining the forum. :P

  8. Greetings from North Alabama. Been carrying concealed for a few years now but only consistently everywhere for a few months. Here for the knowledge.

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    New to this post from South Carolina! I have been a CWP holder for a few years and have owned MANY guns throughout my 40+ years. I am a supporter of 2A and believe all law abiding citizens (mentally stable and w/clean record, etc.) should be able to exercise this right. I do, however, believe that good initial training and frequent practice/range time is required to SAFELY carry and be effective when a situation warrants. I know people that received their permit with a friendly handshake and a dinner from an "instructor"...THAT'S scary! Looking forward to many informative exchanges!

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    New guy from CT. Found you on Twitter, enjoyed the posts so I came in to join the fun. Seems like a friendly bunch of guys, and lots of topics. Always nice to meet new shooters and supporters.

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    Newbie from St Paul, Mn.. Just started shopping for my first ccw. Looks to be a great place for info and advice!

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