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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Greetings - from Maryland myself. Stumbled on this site after searching for info on CCW laws. Looking forward to spending some time here learning the nitty gritty of carrying.

  3. New member that hates hatred !

  4. Glad to be aboard with a group of like minded. Although certainly there will be differences of opinion, we all agree the RIGHT to keep and bear arms SHALL not be infringed. This is a unique and sacred trust we have in our CONSTITUTIONALLY run REPUBIC, which requires we return to this knowlege from time to to time; teaching our children and others the same. May our God and the Creator of the universe bless us with peace and understanding.

  5. Hello: I am a new member that has never even held a gun, much less fired one. I have always wanted to have a CCW but never knew where to begin. This forum is a good first step, huh?

  6. Re: New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Just wanted to say hello to all. I am from ky and in the process of waiting for my license to get here. Will be carrying my Springfield XDS

    Hanging is the game.

  7. newB

    New guy from Fishers, IN

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    New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Hello everyone I'm partial to the wheel gun myself, love my Ruger GP-100, but want to get it ported. Love this site.

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    Hey everyone, new to group. A lot of great info on this site.

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    New guy here, checking in from Missouri to say hello. Just wanted to say thanks for all the information and useful guides.

  11. Former leo and Navy vet glad to be here.

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