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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello all from Western MA. I am new to this site and can't wait to absorb information from everyone here. I have been a gun enthusiest for years and finally purchased my first gun just last month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningrabbit747 View Post
    hello, I am new also. much info on this site, thanks, question..where do I keep guns in my house, when I get them. can I buy now, or wait untill my ccwp comes back. why will It take 90 day,s thanks...I am from sc.
    Ck at the home page there is more details pertaining to your questions, you will have to hunt them, not exactly sure on the laws in SC, in TN you can buy and keep guns in the home without a CCW, you can also transport them to and from the range, unloaded cf course....
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    Helloooo from Colorado.

  5. Rabbit,


    I'm in Charleston SC and have some experience that may help.

    First, when you take the concealed carry class, use an instructor that is qualified to sign off on the Utah non-resident permit. SC has some reciprocity issues with other states. Very handy to have if you leave SC....

    Here is a link to the reciprocity map on USA Carry Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry

    The UT non-resident will cover you in like 32 other states. I travel to FL and VA a couple of times a year so w/ the UTNR I don't have to worry about carrying. I also HIGHLY recommend researching the carry rules / laws in states you may travel to. Assume nothing !

    You can purchase (most) guns in SC with only a simple background check, which is done by the seller. You fill out a form, they make a call and if you're approved, you complete the transaction. You do not need to 'register' in SC.

    It takes up to 90 days for your permit because they have to run what is know as a N.A.C. / L.A.C. - short for National Agency Check / Local Agency Check. This is to make sure the requester is authorized to own a gun....2nd Amendment be damned.

    Where to keep your gun(s) in your house: This question is answered based upon the assumption that you have no children and your spouse is on board with guns. Keep your concealed carry weapon within easy reach while sleeping / watching TV. Unloaded and stashed in a sock drawer useless. You do not know when you will be forced to defend your home and that means keeping a loaded weapon near you at all times. If you cannot reconcile this you should probably not own guns. If you are not willing to learn, train, practice and fully assume the responsibility of using deadly force, you should not own guns.

    When you leave your home (and your permit is not been issued yet) and do not want to leave it in the glove box, put it somewhere a criminal would be least likely to look, if you have a break-in. Also stash any ammo, cleaning supplies, manuals etc because these are clues that encourage criminals to hunt for your weapon(s). Before my CCP came back, I put my Springfield 40XD sub-compact in an empty 1-gallon zip-lock box in the back of my pantry. My supplies went under a nightstand. You must assume that if your weapon is stolen weapon will likely be used in the commission of a felony and if so, you will not see your weapon for a long time because it will be hung up in an evidence locker through the trial process. And, the left insists that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed because scumbags steal legally owned weapons and kill other scumbags. Having your pistol stolen just adds, pardon the pun, ammo to their stupid argument.

    If you have kids, the story changes...a lot. Kids and guns are bad unless you are willing to take the time to talk to and teach your kids about weapons. My nephew was shot dead by a friend that got his hands on his daddy's 9mm and wanted to see what it looked like to shot someone.....It SUCKED. There are lots of resources on the web about kids and guns. Do not assume your children will be safe.

    If your spouse has a problem with guns, you have a problem. You would never take a boating safety course without your spouse, right? If you are carrying, and disabled in a traffic accident, your spouse will have to take possession of your weapon. If she is untrained, she is in danger. Get on the same page or don't own a weapon. If you're disabled in a firefight, your spouse becomes your 1st responder. If she is untrained, you have a real problem. I cannot emphasize this enough. Get on the same page! I know 3 guys that carry and their wives will not even touch a gun. They have missed 50% of the concealed carry equation in my opinion. Imagine an infantry unit in which only 50% of the troops were qualified to use a rifle!

    This went a bit long, sorry. I hope this helps. Welcome to USAC...get educated, get safe!

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    I've been lurking long enough, so I decided to finally sign up for a forum account. I have learned some great info that has helped me carry more effectively and within the guidance of the law.

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    Howdy do all new cat from Iowa

  8. Hello from Washington, I was looking for the introduction place but I have my CCL and I just brought a springfield xdm .45. I am twenty-eight year Army retiree and love it, thanks for your welcome and some of the awesome info I have found here. Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much.

  9. Hello everyone, new to this site and also a newbie to conceal carry.

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    Brand new member to site. Pretty cool:) My husband and I both carry concealed. He has for a long time, I'm fairly new to it. We also run a small gunsmithing shop so I like to have mine handy at home as well. Check out our website!! Coyote Creek Armory LLC - Gunsmithing Services -Home Page When I'm out, I usually carry my S&W 9mm M&P in my purse. Looking for a good holster, though. I would prefer to have it out where I can find it a little easier :) I am mainly interested in self defense and protecting my family. I also like to sleep with my AR15 close to the bed:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojoman View Post
    Hello from Washington, I was looking for the introduction place but I have my CCL and I just brought a springfield xdm .45. I am twenty-eight year Army retiree and love it, thanks for your welcome and some of the awesome info I have found here. Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much.
    Welcome to the forum! Seeing you are retired Army, let me say Thank you for your Service!

    I was going to ask which Washington you are a resident of, but see that you have posted in the Washington State forum.
    You may want to start calling that CCL a CPL "Concealed Pistol License" thought you would have picked that up from that lengthy application form (blatant violation of the 2A) you had to fill out. :)

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