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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello all, my name is Karl. I reside in cook county Illinois, unfortunately! Anyway I recently applied for the Utah CC permit and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! See y'all in the forums.

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    you will find that lots of places say no weapons just remember that you have a ccp if you don't tell they don't know i do how ever recommend that you do not take your weapon into place that have the right to search you ie courts,police or federal buildings

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    wow 8 months i got mine in 3 days i guess new York really does suck

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    Thank you & Merry Christmas!!

  6. Howdy from Texas.

    And thanks to the forum owner/moderators for providing a great website.

  7. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are places that I cannot or will not carry. Its just that I felt inconvenienced, going to a store seeing the sign then having to go back to the car. Potentially exposing that I was carrying. So I was just wondering if besides not doing business those places. How do others handle those situations. Without knowing ahead of time.

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    I have come across the same thing, but keep in mind Federal Buildings/Municiple Buildings/Courts etc. are where you certainly
    [U]Can Not carry. [U] Some locations that I've been, like casinos (Nevada), have the policy of "No Firearms". After speaking
    with security officers in several locations, they explained it this way: They want you to refrain from "Carrying", but if known that
    you are (YOUR FAULT), they would ask you to leave it in your vehicle/or if given an arguement over that, then you have to leave their property. No criminal charges, just the gun leaves, or you & the gun leaves.
    If not a "Governmental" building, ask the establishment about how they handle armed customers. My feelings are,
    carried correctly, no one should be aware you're armed. So as long as I know I'm legal, without violating any laws, I carry into
    establishments with signs denoting "No Firearms". A few robberies and a rape had occured at a casino my wife and I frequent.
    In this economy, people pay attention to who's walking out "winners", so alert leavel yellow.
    Hope this helps you out,
    Stay Safe & Welcome to the site from another "newby".

  9. From Las Vegas

    Hello from Southern Nevada.
    Licensed Concealed Carry Instructor and FFL holder.
    Also starting a new business auctioning firearms in live auctions.
    Do not want to Spam, so if anyone is interested, please just let me know.
    looking forward to reading the forums.


  10. Anyone here tried Grady's Outdoors new CWP Classes? We've seen it in their flyer recently, so its pretty new. Thanks!

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    New guy here - a resident of, and CCW permit holder in North Carolina. I'm originally from Iowa. I just bought a Ruger LC9. It's my first pistol. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but will this coming weekend. I've been putting it through it's paces using snap caps and I like it a lot so far. It's the LC9 without a laser. I'm an iron sites kind of guy, and if I need a gun at night, it will be my Remington 870 anyway.

    I don't plan on concealed carrying much since most of my trips away from home are to a university campus, or to the sports bar (both are against the law in NC). I definitely will for dog walks, camping trips, and other excursions.

    I don't have much for an arsenal, just a Remington 870 12 gauge for pheasants and ducks, and a .22 for rabbits and plinking targets. My other hobbies are homebrewing, cycling, and cheering for the Iowa State Cyclones, and the NC State Wolfpack (both of my Alma Maters).

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