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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    FNG Richard here. Thanks for having me!

    While I'm new to this forum I'm a long-term, old school forumer. And while my post whoring days are mostly behind me, I'll still contribute and help out where I can.
    I tried setting my password to "penis", but it said my password wasn't long enough...

  3. JW here, from N. AZ...!

    ...northern Arizona that is.

    Just downloaded the app for my Droid.
    Will add more once i am on a computer.

    Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year, folks.. Just subscribed, and working from an iphone... Can't get into the FAQs (not supported on mobile devices, it says..), so I havent figured out how to update my profile.. (Any advice welcome!) Also noticed my auto-correct on the phone doesn't work here!!

    I'm a long-haul truck driver (flatbedder) - been out here almost 30 years, Navy vet, long-time firearms enthusiast, recent gun owner, and recent TX CHL holder.

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    Thought I would stop by and say HOWDY from Texas.

    Currently Texas CHL Instructor

    NRA Instructor: Home Firearm Safety and Basic Pistol

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    Just joined myself and always happy to see another Texan.
    Especially a CHLer.
    Happy New Year back at you.

  7. Hello from The Colony, Texas.
    A guns enthusiast all my life.
    I just joined yesterday.. First day of 2013. Also NRA Life member and DU member..

  8. New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Hey all. OH guy here. 6 year army vet. Toting a honking big 92fs for the time being. Looking for something more compact. Glad 2 be here

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    Hey there from Cherokee County, South Carolina. EDC Glock 23. Looking into something smaller such as Sig P938 or M&P Shield 9mm. Excited as this is my first time joining any type of forum, gun related or otherwise.

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    New member just saying hi been lurking for a bit now. Love the info and great banter around here.

  11. I have been reading through some of the topics here and appreciate the candid discussion. There is a lot for me to learn. I received my CPL last year but have not carried except in the Motor Home when traveling.I plan to but have some health issues with back and neck pain that have kept me busy. I'm a former Marine got out in 79. I look forward to learning how to carry correctly and safely here as well as taking some classes.

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