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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Jan 2013
    Hartselle, Alabama, United States
    Hello from Alabama. 2 years in the army and a lifetime of learning about guns from my former 101st Airborne father... So glad to have found this site.
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    Hi, just wondering, has anyone purchased a membership and their profile NOT reflect it yet? How long before is shows on your profile? I have submitted a a ticket to the Support Desk but haven't heard anything yet. Just wanting to know if others are having the same problem.

  4. Briefly-

    *From San Antonio.

    *28 years old.

    *Former Air Force firefighter.

    *Current honor student majoring in psychology.

    *Owner of P-32, PF-9, and very soon P-3AT (when my girlfriend pays it off [Merry Christmas to me!!!])

    *Dad owns a P-11 so I'm fairly familiar with Kel-Tecs most popular products.

    *Also currently own Beretta 92, Glock 17,22,23,27, two Llama 1911s, S&W 15, 28, J-frame (cant remember model #), Bodyguard 38, Astra .44, Nagant revolver, P-63, AK, PTR-91, home-built AR-15, AR-7, two Mossberg 500s, and many more I don't feel like remembering.

    *Amateurish 2A advocate. Wrote this: Fear of campus carry unfounded - Opinion - The Ranger - San Antonio College (The typos and incoherent sentences are the due to the creative work of the editor.)

    *Have also done a few speeches on the subject in front of my classmates, and even trounced my Government professor in a 2A debate in front of the whole class, which was nice since he never passed an opportunity to indoctrinate the students on gun control before that. (He especially hated my comparing D.C.'s crime and suicide rate to more gun friendly places since he used to live in D.C. [and even worked for John Conyers ]). Too bad for him I never miss an opportunity to promote gun rights.

    That's all for now. Good to be here!

  5. Hello from a middle aged supporter from MT. Nice site and community you have here!

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    hello to all just signed up yesterday, looking forward to chatting with yas

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    Welcome I think you will lije it here.

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    Hello all, new guy from PA here. Haven't really done much in the way of posting or reading for that matter with this being my first day and all. I hope to get involved and have some great discussions, along with the really good information i've been finding!

  9. Hello all. My name is Vicki, and I am from Michigan. Married, with 4 kids, 3 of whom are married. We have 13 and counting grandkids. My hubby and 3 sons have served in the military. We definately believe in the right to bear arms. Looking forward to learning what I can from the forums.

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    Hi all my name is Dave , another Pa. noob. just got my carry permit in the mail the other day . looking forward to reading the posts on this site.

  11. Cheers! Another supporter from lower NY. Looking forward to contributing to the site!

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