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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedcars97 View Post
    Hey there! New guy from Northwestern MO. I have my CCW but I'm looking for the right carry pistol. There is some great info on this site. Thank you guys and I hope to learn much more.
    Hello speedcars97 - I carry a Bersa Thunder semi-auto .380 - makes the stopping power category (barely), light weight, easy to conceal, minimal human collateral damage potential beyond the intended target should I need to defend, very fair gun price, ammo price decent even for hollows, above average dependability after a thousand rounds ratings from the sources I've tapped, made for the Argentina Armed Forces; I like Argentines.
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  3. I am only 102 lbs. Can anyone give me a name of a place I can get a holster made just for me?

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    Hi all... I'm new here, from sunny South Carolina. I've been reading a little bit. Looks like there's some knowledgeable people on here. I'll read a lot and comment a little. Thanks for all of your thoughts on guns.
    Go Gamecocks!

  5. New member Massachusetts. Look forward to this education, am licensed in Ma & N.H. Have interest in issues with state to state travel across country safely but protected. Reading some of the state rules on the site map( excellent reference) you might have to go around some states!!!!

  6. Georgia here

    Hi folks. New from northeast Georgia, Toccoa, checking in.

  7. New member here.. Originally from NE, moved to AZ for 16 years, moved back 8 years ago, and now, moving back to AZ sometime this year. Obtaining my CCW this weekend after about 10 years of procrastinating.

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    New member from Kennesaw, Georgia, where it's the law to own a firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAugustLeo View Post
    New member from Kennesaw, Georgia, where it's the law to own a firearm.
    I'm in your area several times a year on buisness, always thought that was cool about the gun law
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  10. Welcome, everyone!

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    Lock & Load in Texas...

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