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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello from N.W. Louisiana .... Passed the CCW class and patiently waiting by the mailbox. :D

  3. New add-on from east Texas (between Longview & Tyler). Finding this to be quite interesting.

  4. How do you edit your profile.

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    To the admins/mods .... I keep having posts (outside of this thread) disappear for some reason.

    I own and moderate at several forum sites and understand the reasoning to limit new members from posting hypertext links in post to fight off suspected ad spammers, which I am not but it is still aggravating to type several sentences and have it go POOF! without a chance to edit it .... Do you all have a certain number of posts you have to reach before your posts stop being moderated?

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    Hey everyone, new member here. I look forward to learning from and interacting with you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrysriggs View Post
    How do you edit your profile.
    Welcome to USACarry, Jerry.

    To edit your profile, go to the top of any page, when you are logged in to the forum, and on the right side of you screen name, click on My Profile and edit away.
    Certified NRA Instructor in Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Personal Defense in The Home, Personal Defense Outside the Home and Refuse to Be a Victim.
    Oklahoma Handgun License Instructor; NRA Benefactor Life Member; NRA EVC, District 2, OK

  8. Here from the Midwest looking to get a ccw

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    I am apparently both subscribed and not subscribed to this thread - I get e-mails from it, but my subscription list is empty, and when I click the "unsubscribe from this thread" (prefer to read online instead of getting it in my email now), I get "invalid thread specified"... how do I unsubscribe from the thread? Thanks!

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    Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to interesting conversation and proud to be a CC.

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    Hello Everybody, What a great forum, learning A LOT. Thanks to everyone that posts. I stumbled across this site by way of a Google search on concealed carry. I have found info on how to get my permit here! Thanks!

    Hey, how do I get the ability to post in the giveaway?? I don't have permission :(

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