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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    I am a full-blooded American Patriot.
    I have been shooting since I was 8 years old. I love my guns.

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    Feb 2013
    Virginia, DMV metro
    Hey everyone. 10 year Active Duty Military vet. Decided to join this forum since I have used the site for a while and with the military moves, it would be nice to be able to ask some questions about new states I'd be living in.

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    Hello all, another Oregonian has arrived!

  5. Thanks for being there.

  6. Today is Sunday and I thank God that I live in America the land of the free.

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    Greetings from Kentucky!

    Greetings from a little place in Kentucky, about as far North as the South gets. I'm on a couple other forums in the internet neighborhood and usacarry looked interesting and informative, so I joined up.

    My wife and I have CCDW classes this month and I will be exploring the forum for advise and insight for Concealed Carry. We have purchased several different holsters and carry rigs, but I haven't picked the perfect carry option for myself yet, so I will start in that area of the forum.

    Thanks in advance for what you have going on here at usacarry.
    Second Amendment = Final Defense

  8. Hello from Southern Oregon. Always get good info here and recognise a few folks. Just learning how this all works. Great community!

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    How's it going? Hello from the Peace Garden state North Dakota! Glad to be here and look forward to learning and sharing.

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    Feb 2013
    Ceredo, West Virginia, United States

    I'm from West Virginia. I'm a proud NRA member and work full-time as a 911 dispatcher and also teach firearms courses in my free time.

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    I can't recall if I've wandered onto the site before as I tend to lurk for a while before I sign up on forums. Lately with some of my newer acquisitions, I've been carrying more and more, or looking for ways to comfortably and reliably carry my new handguns. Looking forward to picking up some good tips and advice from the folks on this forum. Of particular interest will be the information relating to travel and out-of-state regulations as I have yet to travel and carry, and would prefer to not distance myself from home without being protected.

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