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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    I'm Maura, I am in Colorado and just recently stumbled upon this site. There is some pretty cool stuff here, I think I am going to like it here a lot. I have been shooting since I was a teen and now love to shoot smallbore silhouette. I hope to find cool information here and read about other's interests as well.

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    Hey all, Im Daniel from Chicago, otherwise known as the capital of occupied Fema Region 5 lol. I print Pro 2nd Amendment Tshirts. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. P.S. I hope im not breaking any rules with my signature, I searched for rules about it but couldnt find anything. Anyways, I hope to make some friends either way.

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    New from West Central Illinois. Bought my first gun and am looking forward to learning all about it. It is an S&W MP 9. Have only ever fired a Browning 9mm which was my Dads (40 years ago) and a snub nosed .38 when I was in the Army (Sidearm for DoD Couriers) which was 20 years ago.

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    New from NE Ohio. The wife and I both have our CCW permits. I have a full size M&P 9mm and she has a Walther PPS 9mm. Love the info on the board and I'm sure I'll spend a good amount of time on here!

  6. Hello from Houston, TX. Been lurking here for awhilem finally decide to register. Looks like a pretty good group of people.
    Spent 15 years in the Army. Been to Viet Nam. Korea, Germany and Italy when I was younger, Retired now. Both my wife and I have opur CHL.

  7. Hello from the Front Lines in NY State. I've been reading the posts on your Facebook page and finally got around to registering here. Looking forward to participating on USA Carry, and to offering discounts on 2A related merchandise at our e-commerce site. I'm happy to be here, thanks!
    Pro-Second Amendment T-Shirts and Stickers, Patriotic Flags, Gun Bags, Backpacks
    Like us on Facebook:

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    Hello from Charlotte NC/Flint MI depending on the month. Love this site!

    CAN'T, Carry Always, Never Tell

  9. Hey Ya'll. I have been following on facebook for a couple of weeks, i thought I would join up. Thanks for having me!

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    Hello All,
    Newbie from Michigan. Just took my CPL class and applying for my CPL this week! Heard about this site from my instructor, so here I am ready to continue my education! I tend to read a lot more then I post...but then there are times I do tend to pipe up.... Just looking to keep informed and what not!

  11. Hi Everyone!

    My name is Brianna (I go by Bree or Anna) :) I'm an Arizona girl!!!
    I'm an avid Glock shooter and carry concealed regularly. I'm looking forward to connecting with other women that like to shoot and also carry concealed.
    Stay safe!

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