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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Welcome to all the new members!


  3. Just cantered on in!

    Hello everyone, hopefully all things being well I'll be posting a lot more in the future...

  4. Welcome all new members!

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    Apr 2013
    Hey all, newbie here from Missouri, been lurkin a little, made a cpl post(mostly just flappin the fat) lol.
    Glad to be here with like-minded people, are there any groups around Lebanon, lake of the Ozarks, area? Would be great to meet up and discuss the whole Open carry laws im Mo.
    Don't have my CCL yet, $$$ is a VERY rite subject right now, I crashed a MC a while back, now im disabled and the government doesn't think they should pay back all I have paid in, really they expect 2 ppl to get by on less than $500 a month? What a joke!
    anyway, glad to be here, hope to gain alot of knowlage and a few good fends,
    god bless

  6. Hi everyone this is Luke Loughridge from Castle Firearms Training. I would like to invite everyone to visit us at and save %10 when you book a class by mentioning usacarry.

  7. In my "Hello" message I mentioned that I was having some issues with the login. It seems that I can't login only when I use the app on my phone. Is there a known problem with the app and logging in with a new password? I've changed my pw twice now and still can't log in with the app but have no problem from the browser on the same phone. Thanks for any help.

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    New member from MN. Thanks for having such a great site with lots of info.

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    My wife and I have always been around guns. It has just been in the last few years that we both felt we needed to do more than just talk about how we felt about the deterioration our Second Amendment Rights going on in our great Nation, We have been to Missouri State Capital several times over the last few months in support of those rights. I open carry everywhere I go, while my wife CCW some of the time. I have enjoyed reading hundreds of posts over the past few months and now will look forward to contributing in some small way.

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    Hi from Rhode Island. Certified NRA Range Safety Officer, Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Graduate of US Army Ordnance School, Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD (Small Weapons Repairman). RI Attorney General Pistol Permit holder (no, it is not impossible to get). Hunter,Fisherman,Gardener and I drive a School Bus.

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    Hello from North Carolina! Glad to be among fellow 2nd amendment supporters. I look forward to chatting with all of you in the near future.

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