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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. New member from Arkansas.

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    Runningrabbit747: Laser is a tool but and may be an advantage in certain conditions, however would still rely and train on my sights first, then train with laser. They are particularly helpful if eyesight is a little off due to age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningrabbit747 View Post
    can someone tell me If It's good or bad to have a lazer on your weapon.. I am asking because I was in the service. and to have a light that could give away your position was not good.. so can someone help me with this..
    Technically, you should start a new thread for this. However, to answer your question you are going to get as many opinions on this as there are grains of sand along the West Coast. A laser is nothing more than a tool. As such, with all tools, you should know its strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. A laser can give away your position, but so can a flashlight. So how are we trained on using a flashlight? Use it to get a sight picture, get it, then fire, then move. Same with a laser in a low/no light situation. Also, when practicing with your weapon, try not using the laser so much. Doing so can teach you bad habits about not using your sights as readily.

    Personally, I have had a laser. I don't use it anymore to carry. I have tritium and fiber optic sights for both bright light and low/no light situations, and I have a flashlight. There is, in my opinion, no need for a laser while carrying. However, one of my favorite dry fire techniques is to put the laser on the firearm and try to keep it as steady as possible while dry firing. Again, don't concentrate on the dot of light, concentrate on grip, trigger pull, sight alignment, etc.

    As far as a laser on a rifle? I find this absurd depending on how closely you are shooting. Over a distance, the laser won't drop but your bullet will.

    Also, you can do a search of the forums. This topic has been brought up several times and you can read what others have posted.
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  6. Hello there I'm a newbie from central Florida

  7. Glad to be a new member and its all up to you what you do to your pistol and the best tool is the laser and light combination

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    Hello from NJ. Hoping we can get the CCW laws changed in this God Forsaken state soon!!!

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    Best use of the tool that is available to us.

    SO much of what is written about in internet forums is of the lowest common denominator. This is not a criticism, but a challange to always put your best thoughts forward. I find this forum interesting and thoughtful, so without focusing on the weakness of intolerance of divergent opinions, let us pursue the highest level of intent to better ourselves by the content we display! Any way, I was reading my latest Guns and Ammo and found an article about the ammo shortage. This demonstrates that although we all hate it, we have created a situation where the manufacturers are increasing capacity by investing in new equipment and additional facilities. One of the main points which summarizes the problem is Ruger's admission that it sold 1 million this last year. The first of an American manufacturer. New people need training rounds and weapons for personal protection seems to be going mainstream as was mentioned in the article.

  10. New and just looking to get started, looks like CA is exporting convicts things are changing. contest looks enticing to me..if I were ever so lucky. Things seem to be changing in PA as well.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    The first one got to big and was hanging up the database when I was trying to do some maintenance. I deleted it and started this new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.
    Greetings to ALL!
    I just signed up a few days ago, & I'm still attempting to do this correctly! This is a pretty awesome site👍👍👍 with a plethora of info for the average, above average & me...(the below average bears!) thank you "Lukem" for your help the other day, although, I don't think it worked because I still couldn't figure out how to reply to the thread! Any...ways, I hail from KY. (For those in Rio Linda...that's Kentucky! LOL)
    I'm just glad to finally be here with some like minded Brothers (& Sisters) whom care enough about our Country that's going to s***! I do know one thing though...We gotta wake some people up! But I digress...
    Glad to be here, thank you ALL!
    Yours in FREEDOM...
    Keep yer Powder dry,
    yer Clip full, &
    yer Aim...DEAD ON!

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