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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Get the xds 45 you will not have to change to new ammo

  3. Congrats 9_guy...Glad to have you on board too!
    IMO...I would recommend that you go to a few different ranges & shoot a a few different types of weapons with a varying array of calibers! Take mental notes (or real notes) on the pros & cons of each! Then make your choice! Just remember this...Opinions are just that...opinions & nothing more, nothin less! Find what feels good in your hand & what caliber you're comfortable with! Hope that helps?
    Yours in FREEDOM...

    Yer Powder dry,
    Yer Mag full, &
    Yer Aim...DEAD ON!

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    New member just saying Hi. Use this site a lot for carry laws.

  5. Hello! New guy from South Louisiana here!

  6. New member from Indiana. Looking forward to learning from the massive amount of knowledge here.

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    Newbie here from the greater Seattle area

  8. New guy from AR here. Just joined today.

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    Just saying hi from the Seattle area.

  10. Newbie here from a Non-free state Suffolk County, NY...

  11. I'm pretty much still a new member from Alpharetta, Ga here.

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