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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    New here too. expatriate Texican in IN

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    I too have been a subscriber to USA Carry for some time now and enjoyed the articles, always learning something new and informative. I joined the forum honestly to have a chance to win the concealed carry give away! I have been saving my pennies to buy a Beretta Nano for months; then I saw the new give away opportunity and decided to join the forum. To my surprise, after joining the forum and reading the Posts and Threads, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about other members thoughts, experiences, quandaries and suggested solutions. So whether I am fortunate or not to win the Nano outfit... I am fortunate to be part of a group of gun enthusiast that put safety and freedom first!

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    Nice to know someone here speaks the same language!

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    Hello! I'm a new member of the Forum from the High Plains of West Texas. Grandfather and ardent supporter of our Second Amendment rights. Honored to be here!

  6. Hello all from NC

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    Greeting from the DerbyCity, Guntucky. Home of fast horses and machine guns.

  8. Hi, I just joined the forum after seeing a Facebook post by a current member about the drawing for the Nano and accessories. I am relatively new to handguns, own a Smith and Wesson SD9VE as a starter weapon and an old Star .25 auto that my dad had kicking around since i was in grade school. I passed CWP training last month and am waiting for my permit.

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    West Virginia
    Hello everyone from Northern WV. Happy to be here.

  10. Not too far from ya, FC, KY. 😎 Welcome!
    Keep...Yer Powder dry, Yer Mag full, & Yer Aim... DEAD ON!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingman883 View Post
    Hi Group,
    A newbie from South Carolina here. I like to lurk awhile before I open my mouth so I've been reading some of the post. I have been very impressed with the topics and responses to them. I have just one concern. I know that this is an English only but I speak and right southern, is that OK?
    Wingman, welcome to the friendly spaces. We don't mind other languages such as "Southern" but may need you to clear up a misunderstanding from time to time on what you mean. We will be sure to ask if questions.
    Dave "The said Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Samuel Adams

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