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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello from California. In the process of getting my CCW.

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  3. Mike Owens from Elkmont, Alabama. Have enjoyed reading various post, thought I would join to get in my "two cents worth" and ask questions on some of the articles/post.

    Thanks to the information and insights I gained from past post.

  4. Hello from Michigan! Im a former Marine, so it's nice to be around people who think like myself.

  5. Hello from Kentucky. Happy to be aboard!

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    Hello from Ghost Ridge USA, served time in military and law enforcement. I have been around for almost a 3/4 century am set in my ways have 6 kids and 7 grandkids. Looking forward to reading posts.

    Surrender is not a option.
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  7. Hello from Ohio. Used to shoot a lot of PPC1500 back in the day. Began shooting more actively this year once again. Will be reloading again soon too.

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    Hey all, yes, I am a newb. New to the forum and new to gun ownership. Been married for 33 years, and always wanted to get into firearms. But my wife wasn't comfortable with the idea of guns around the kids. Well after the last presidential election didn't turn out the way it should have, we decided it was time to begin to protect ourselves. My wife shoots a Ruger LC9. And I picked up a Sig P2022 (love it!). With both have our conceal carry permits. In act when we took the course required my wife snot the pants off me. Her groupings were far superior to mine. I am learning tons from everyone in this forum. And hope to learn more. We live in S.E. Idaho. Where people are still sane about personal rights. Thanks to whomever started this forum.

  9. New guy here from SW Missouri(new here but I'm an old guy,LOL). I'm a shooter and reloader,, the wife and I both CC.

  10. I am new to the site. Looks like some good information on this site.

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    nice to find a place for shooting resources and general knowledge. glad there is a community for us to join and talk about the great and heated interest of guns . I love shooting archery but have been shooting since I was 5 and love my gins and my rights.

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