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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    New member here. First time visiting. Looks to be a lot of good information being passed on.
    jbanik from Minnesota

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    currie, north carolina
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    what part of southeastern NC are you from. i am from currie, not too far from the SC border myself

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tacoin4low View Post
    Thank you for your service to our country.

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    Your welcome, I look forward to seeing you on the boards.................

  5. A new member here in St. Louis. Have been checking out the forums for a few months and decided to jump in. Preparedness has been an important concept throughout my life. But until recently, did not include firearms. At my wife's suggestion that our preparedness should include self defense we took an intro shooting session last fall and I fell for it. My first purchase was a Beretta 92FS; love it, but a bit much for CCW. Looking to get a sub-compact and revolver for my wife. Salivating a bit over the new Pico, but also interested in the Nano (guess I'm a Beretta guy, don't know why). Will keep checking out the forums for insight.

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    Houston, Texas, United States
    Greetings from Richmond/Rosenberg, TX

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    Lumberton, North Carolina
    Quote Originally Posted by napalm53 View Post
    what part of southeastern NC are you from. i am from currie, not too far from the SC border myself
    I am in Lumberton, NC, south of Fayetteville NC, north of Florence SC. I'm not too familiar with Currie...

  8. Hi all. I am a newbie here. Just a little about me. In Dec. 2012 I decided to get a handgun. First I got my CCP. 2nd I looked into everything I could get my
    hands on, watching youtube video's on safety training, then gun's. I researched all types of handguns for carry. I decided on a Walther ppq
    but none to be found :( I went to the gun store's, looked on line just couldn't find one to buy. One day I stopped at a pawnshop and they had a
    P99 Walther a 9mm and 40mm, I just loved the feel of the 9mm in my hand weight was better then the 40mm. Well a decided to get it, they wanted $599.00 but made me a deal and lowered it to 540.00 for me and let me pay payments too.
    When I got it paid off, I started going out to learn to shoot. I have gone once a week since April. I have put over 1000 round's though it with no problem's. I just love it and I know I can count on it if I really ever need it to stop a bad person.
    Stay Calm and Carry On. Stay safe and alert.

  9. Hello I am a new member from West Virginia

  10. Greetings from central Kansas! Just recently discovered this site and joined up. Seems like a great site and community here, looking forward to being a part of it.
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    Greeting to all you new members from AZ

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