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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Howdy from Northeast Washington State. New to the site, looks interesting and joined. Will be reading and commenting as much as I can. A bit of background - I'm a retired National Park Ranger, veteran (U.S. Army & U.S. Coast Guard Reserve), husband, father and grand father. I've been out of the handgun scene for a while having reentered in the past four years or so. Have S&W M&P 40 (fits me well) and just recently bought a Ruger LC9 (my carry piece). Did some PPC shooting way back during my wheel gun days (Ruger Security Six).

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    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I am new to handguns, only 4 years, but am not new to firearms. Looking forward to learning a lot from the people on this site. Hopefully I will be able to contribute in the near future.

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    Good day to everyone!!!!!looks like i found a great place to hang out.god bless

  5. Hi all,
    I'm in the Charlotte, NC area learning the fine art and science of carrying my little Masterpiece Arms MPA380. A shorter American, I'm currently alternating between pocket carry in an Uncle Mikes and ankle carry in an $6 special. Always on the lookout for ideas on how guys my size (5'6" or so) carry.


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    Kendall County, Illinois
    Hey all!

    Have known about this forum for a while but have not created an account, so here I am! I have spent some time over at "Illinois Carry" and thought I would increase my information base by coming here too.

    As many of you may know, Illinois finally passed concealed carry. It is not the best law yet, but it is a heck of an accomplishment for Illinois.

    I currently work as an automotive mechanic in the Lasalle County, IL area, and live in Kendall County, IL. My wife and I are not super gun enthusiasts, but we trap shoot and have each our own carry gun among several others. We will be carrying Springfield XD9 SubCompacts. I will be taking the class ASAP and my wife may down the line when she desires to and feels more comfortable with the idea of a weapon outside the home.

    I look forward to my time spent on this forum and will do my best to contribute as much and where I can.


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    Hello, Newbe from North Idaho...retired USAF (23 yrs) now self employed financial planner so I do a lot of remodel jobs on the house. Been looking for a forum like this...look forward to learning more.

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    New member from South Florida. Kel-Tec PMR30 newest . Posted a photo in my case, at least of the first version. Will post a more current version later... Retired surveyor and Army vet.

  9. Hi and welcome. For your wife. don't put the wagon ahead of the horse. Let her know that getting the training first she will feel more comfortable
    and more confident.

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    Sep 2013
    Sun Lakes Arizona
    Hello from a newbie from Arizona, and a freedom loving proud concealed carrying second amendment supporter!

  11. Welcome to any newcomers who know that all of the rights in the Bill of Rights are extremely important!

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