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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    Is there truth to the ammo shortages... in a word, yes. The rumors you have heard are the nearly 2 billion rounds that was requested by DHS and another 3.5 million rounds by TSA recently. These requests are for new production and over a long time frame, so technically they aren't taking the ammo out of circulation. However, there are only a few big ammo companies. Add this to the panic-buying by the firearm community then we started to get shortages and prices went up. We're starting to see them stabilize a bit now, but they still aren't to the prices they were 3 years ago.

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks wolf_fire. What on earth is DHS going to do with 2 billion rounds? That's got to be close to 10,000 per employee. Lots and lots of range time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nalberson View Post
    Thanks wolf_fire. What on earth is DHS going to do with 2 billion rounds? That's got to be close to 10,000 per employee. Lots and lots of range time?
    And that is what has a lot of gun owners buying up ammo at ridiculous speeds.

    I've looked into the actual purchases... just because one request 2 billion, doesn't mean they will actually purchase that much. So far, from what I've seen it's not nearly that much, but it was a request over 5 years, so... time will tell.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
    ~ Benjamin Franklin (maybe)

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    Just received my CCW in the mail after a six-month processing wait here in the great State of Louisiana. Moved here a year ago from Kalifornia, where I would have been waiting till I died. Now onto the typical debate forums for best EDC and IWB or OWB holsters.....Ya gotta love this sport.

  5. Thank you :)

  6. Good Morning,
    New member from New Mexico. I have a CCW and occasionally carry a Kimber Ultra Carry in 45 Cal.
    I have been following this site on Facebook. I am retired and on Social Security so it's hard to
    afford what I would like to buy.

  7. Wish I could believe those rounds were for range time. Every hour they spend on the range is one less hour that they're out hassling the rest of us. But they are ordering hollow points, not target ammo, and targets showing children, mothers with children, elderly people (think desensitization?) I just hope they are only stockpiling to dry up our supply and don't get to the point that they start using that ammo.

  8. I'm a widow on SS and know your financial bind. I shoot 9mm--they're cheaper and more available. Besides, the lower recoil is easier for me to handle.

  9. The contracts are what is called indefinite amount /indefinite delivery. So all the Feds have to do is call up the ammo company and tell them "the next x# of rounds you produce are ours." They can dry up the supply any time they want to.

  10. Welcome all new members!

    I would love to move from my gun-unfriendly state - and hope to at some point in the near future.

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    Hi guys!! After watching for a bit, I decided to join you. The energetic and enthusiastic debate really leads to a lot of learning....
    A man must do what he has to do, ain't none of us getting out of this alive....I have it from a reliable source....
    There can be no love without pain; to show you the value of love......

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