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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hey everyone. Long time hunter, plinker here from Minnesota. I grew up around all types of handguns, rifles and shotguns (thanks Dad!). Hunted with Dad since before I could see over the table, shot competitive in school and also became a rifle instructor while still in school. By no means do I, nor would I ever, consider myself a expert. Each and every experience I see as an opportunity to learn. I have gone through this site since joining and is a treasure trove of interesting conversation, debate and information. I look forward to reading more here.

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    Another newbie here, Never owned a gun until Obama was elected. Figgered that was a good enough reason.

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    I am new around here and just wanted to say hello, I have already learned a lot of valuable info here already and look forward to posting helpful tips and info of my own.

    "DILLIGAF isn't an attitude, its a lifestyle, that's why its tattooed across my throat"

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    Just joined today. Just completed CCW class 1 week ago. Just renewed my interest in guns (handguns) about 6 mos. ago. Sold all my guns after US Army discharge in 1971. We have a preponderance of "brave idiots' who like to target seniors. I refuse to change my lifestyle because of these "types'. I have a lot of catching up to do re firearms. It looks like this forum will be a good source of knowledge. I may not do much posting initially as I'm a firm believer in the old expression that it's "better to let people think you're stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

  6. Hi group,
    from Sarasota, FL

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    If President Obey-Me did nothing else, he inadvertently caused more firearms sales with his scare tactics. LOL.

  8. Hello all from south GA. New to the scene after several years with no firearms. Now kids are old enough to teach the rules so I'm back at it.

  9. Hi from another Eastern (north) Kentuckian , Ashland !!

  10. Im new too,from cin.oh.

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    New member here from the Rocky Mountains of America. Don't like the direction our society is headed and realize that violent crime can happen any time and any place. Just got my CHP and will protect me and mine if necessary.

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