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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. hi all! I would to enjoy with good fellas :) My name is Zvik

  3. Howdy from Middle Tennessee!

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    Hey I found the site during some browsing time. The site appears to be pretty organized and I like some of the links, hopefully I'll get some of my questions answered. I might as well tell you folks a little bit about myself; I am residing in North Carolina at the present time and have travelled throughout this country. I am a proud CCW holder, have gotten my wife and daughter their CCW because of the craziness of this country. I am shooting a Glock the wife is carrying a Ruger we are pretty comfy with the weapons.
    So I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi folks and thanks.

  5. Greetings all,

    I have just arrived in your community and look forward to meeting you all.


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    The first one got to big and was hanging up the database when I was trying to do some maintenance. I deleted it and started this new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.

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    Hi all! I'm an older lady who lives alone out in the country in Florida. My son suggested I get a gun for protection. I had never shot a pistol in my life and was intrigued by the idea. So I took a concealed weapons/ basic firearms safety class. I loved the class and bought a Glock 19 and got my concealed carry license. The gun is, of course, for defense but I discovered that I really enjoy shooting and plan to spend time on the range.

  7. Welcome!

    Spend as much time on the range as needed to get as comfortable as possible with your gun and remain that comfortable. It's useless for protection if you're not comfortable with it.

  8. What part of Florida? I'm just south of Jacksonville and train at OTS range in Orange Park and at FrontSight in Nevada. I run dry practice courses at home for Frontsight and have taught a few of my friends to shoot. My Glock 19 is my favorite gun. If you're anywhere close I'd be glad to go shooting with you.

  9. Hi ! from southern Indiana. Nice site you have here. Look forward to expanding my knowledge in cc

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  10. Another newbie from the great state of Virginia! Look forward to learning a bunch from you all.

  11. Hello fellow gun toters,
    I believe I'm the newest member but also more then likely one of the oldest. Just a brief history--- 12 years in the Air Force, the last 4 as a Reserve C5 Loadmaster. We were armed and believe it carried a stub nosed 38. The next big thing in my life was as a City patrolman in California and carried a Colt .357 later a S&W 9mm. Presently a Indiana resident with a Life time CCW permit, here I carry a Glock 26, a S&W 9mm or on occasion a Kelteck32.. Wife also carries and has a lifetime permit.. Cowgirl from Wyoming. That's it in a nutshell...

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