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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Welcome to all our new members, hope I win something from the give-away!

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    Hi Guys!
    I've been a member for a while, but haven't been on in quite a while, sorry!
    One good thing! I have introduced a gal to this Forum and she signed up! We both use Ruger SR9's and shoot together! Told her about all the great people and great support on here!
    She will probably be posting in a short while! Please say hi! She's a great gal!

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    Thumbs up From Texas, great information on this site.

    A lot of great information here.

    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    The first one got to big and was hanging up the database when I was trying to do some maintenance. I deleted it and started this new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.

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    From Texas. I'm on here from time to time checking out the info and forum. Great site for traveling to keep up with other state laws.

  6. Welcome to all of you here. This is one of the best websites found for concealed carry information and most up to date.

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    Big welcome to all the new members!


  8. Welcome new members!

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    Well I ave been a member of USA Carry for a few years now and have enjoyed the different articles posted here and posting classes we were teaching.

  10. Welcome to all new members!
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

  11. Hi I'm Ellie from Philly PA.
    I dont like the fact that the cities crime rate is out of control, but having it hit home was enough for
    me to be a permit owner and I now have a gun I named her Joanne".
    he travel with me every day and sleeps besides me every nite.
    This is the way it has come to be, sad but true!

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