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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Welcome to the new ones from Kansas. Enjoy your time here.
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  3. Hola from Krazyfornia, I am 30 yr vet LEO, passionate about the Constitution and it's defense, also a CCW holder who carries almost continually. Nice fo see so many like-minded souls...

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    Hello.... new to site and forum. Also to new to the world of Handguns. I have spent a lifetime hunting so am familiar with shooting.... but only long guns. I have decided to get my concealed carry permit and buy a handgun. After lots of research I have selected the Springfirled XDS 9MM. The posts on this forum have been very helpful.


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    Howdy, a newbie here, originally from Texas. Retired Navy and presently living in the Philippines, the past 24 years, but headed to ABQ NM in about two years. Haven't shot a firearm in about 27 years now and can't wait to move, start shooting again and getting a CHL. Have been lurking and for awhile now and sure have enjoyed the, shall we say 'lively' posts/discussions and regarding many different topics.
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    Welcome Mike. Hope you enjoy the new handgun. Again, welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to site NeanderPAul as it is great to see so many people standing up for our rights. Appreciate the vast amount of knowledge and experiences offered by this site.

  8. I sure like my Springfield X D 9mm, it's a great handgun, great ergonomics and easy to strip for cleaning. congrats on a great carry piece! Be sure to look into situational awareness training if you can afford it, carry is good, knowing when to use it is critical!

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    New from Virginia

    Hi! I'm new here too, still looking to buy something for concealed carry. I have not owned any weapons in over 15 years since moving from Africa. I used to carry a Luger 9mm (model long since forgotten!), prior to that carried a CZ .32, and used a Belgian FN FAL 7.62 NATO rifle in the army, as well as South African R1 or Portuguese G3 copies of the FN when supplies of the real FN were low. (The G3 was a terrible piece of junk) Trained and shot a lot, but not in recent times so I have a lot to learn in terms of US law.

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    Newbie from the Peoples Republic of IL. Glad I found this site. Seems to be a lot of good information. Looking forward to visiting with you all!

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    On and off forum member since early 2000's. Seems like new registration needed every time I come back.

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