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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Yes Miss Peggy, my wife believes the same thing the first thing to be stolen from a lady is the purse so good-bye handgun. After a great deal of thought it makes sense to me.

  3. Hi all,
    Newbie from Oregon. Ex Military, SF (I know, everyone says they were - I was - 91B4S, 10th SFG). I open carried .357 while packing but just got CHL and XDm 9mm. Thinking about reloading.

  4. Wise advice...concealment should be firmly attached to the body while being accessible under stress, to prevent inadvertent loss of the weapon. I have had partners leave a weapon in a restroom after using the facilities... Not a good situation. A fanny pack, inside-the-waistband holster, even a bra can be used if the weapon is small enough...empty-weapon practice will tell you where is best for an individual carry position.

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    A newbie here from Northeast Oklahoma. Don't carry very often (job doesn't permit it), but when I do it is usually Bersa Thunder 380 or Glock 40 Gen3.
    Dan Dillman

  6. 1free, welcome! I have reloaded every caliber from .380, 9mm, .38 & .357 to .45 Auto, so I can safely say that if you are willing to invest the time & money into reloading, you can see an increase in the amount of practice you can afford. It has saved me enough money to pay for the investment in time and equipment, abd I don't worry so much about ammo shortages! Good luck with it, and study much about reloading before investing in it!

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    Hello, I am here from SC and have long wished to get involved with the firearms and CC, but little kids with Autism made me nervous of having a gun around them.
    Now that they are older, hopefully I can follow this desire/passion and read and ask (probably too many) questions that this newbie has wondered about but could never find unbiased answers to.
    Thanks all for your support and for Luke for this great site.

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    Illinois and Arizona
    New to this forum, been reading and learning a lot, just wanted to say thanks to for the great info. I retired recently and getting started with a new profession. Shortly be attending Unarmed and Armed Guard classes in Az and will do same in Il. Hopefully all will pan out but either way its great to be back in firearms and back at the range. Thanks again to all.

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    New here, would like to say hi. Mostly into lever action rifles and hunting.

  10. Tommy44

    Hi All. I joined a few years ago and I read all new comers to thread 2 and welcome all of you! I am from northern Minnesota where the weather as been below zero and I long for the warmer states. I've had my ccw for a couple of years now. I have a .38 Special but would like an Automatic but I have a bad left hand that makes it hard to load a magazine. I'm still looking for a good helper to load the mags with. I've used guns all my life and was in the army so I pretty much know safety, enough to know you can never be safe enough. I respect guns. I want you all to know that the 2nd Amendment is good where it stands. We don't need anymore bans added to it! This is getting to long so I will just say welcome again to all and I read you faithfully!!! Love to you all.

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    New here from IL (Yeah, I know...I know...). I carry, hunt, reload, shoot recreationally and competitively, and I am also a firearms instructor. I hope to network, build friendships and share with fellow shooters.

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