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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello, new member from NY (unfortunately)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jvspicola View Post
    Hello, new member from NY (unfortunately)
    Welcome! I too am from the same state as you. :(

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    I have had a sort of gun phobia (stemming from my up bringing). I took my first Gun Safety training and fell in love. I have been going to the range and practicing and now just sent away for my LTCF in PA. Education and knowledge was the key to my eyes being open. Glad to be here

  5. Welcome aboard! It never ceases to please me that a little knowledge can erase fear of firearms. Truly, once exposure to them takes place, rational thought takes it's place and opens new avenues to thought.....Rational thought! Congrats!

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    Hello from Minnesota. I guess I'm the FNG again. Hope it's a good crowd here.

  7. Welcome all you FNG types. I think you 'll love it here, all like family.

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    This is LeGs McIntyre, owner of Let's Go Shoot, a Northwest Florida recreational shooting company - and now a new member of USA Carry! What a resource! I've already found many useful items courtesy of this site, and I have just started exploring it! "Like" me on Facebook, or visit my site at Lets Go Shoot - Northwest Florida Shooting Packages and Events, see what I am doing, and you'll see why I am excited about being a new USA Carry member. My wife and I also are NRA instructors for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and home safety. Thanks!

  9. Good morning from SC. Successfully completed my CWP testing yesterday and now waiting my 90+ days for my permit.

  10. Hello from North Carolina. Here to read, learn and sometimes post. I have had my CWP for just under 2 years. Proud owner of 5 handguns and counting...

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    Hello from Wyoming!

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