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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello! :) New member here from the state of Washington

  3. Greetings all from Tucson!

  4. Hello from taxchusetts

    Hello from the "peoples republic of taxachusetts". This is a great site. I've been reading and learning a lot the last few months. Thanks to all who have contributed!

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    mmurphy, I can honestly say I have escaped from the communist country of Kennedy several years ago. I do know the trials you go through daily in taxachusetts, with most law enforcement agencies attempting to squash your gun rights and treat you like a criminal before they even find out facts. Well let me welcome you aboard and I really hope you can find freedom of your rights and away from the snow again.

  6. Welcome from an inmate of the People's Demoncratic Republic of Tax&spendifornia, nice to see new members from another repressed state come forward.. Welcome aboard, Kameraden!

  7. Escaped from the northeast in '87. Didn't want to come south, but glad now I did. Florida CCW is good in 37 states. I can go as far as the PA-NY line as long as I go around MD, and can run west to the AZ-CA line. Loved NH but it's surrounded by anti-gun states--no exit!

  8. Although we are pretty cold and snowy here in the UP of Michigan, our CCW is welcomed in most states except the usual's. Illinois is still a hiccup in the surrounding areas but people are working on it.

  9. It's great to hear of successful escapes. Mass is talking more gun regulations again. We have a tiny selection of Ma compliant guns we can purchase. I live on the NH border (1 mile from NH) the gun stores near me have "NH only" gun cases. I get to look at all the guns available to NH purchasers but I can't even think of buying one.
    Freedom isn't free and certainly not available in Ma.

    Thanks for the welcomes!

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    Hello from OH. Just got my permit yesterday. Been a shooter & casual hunter all my life, but things have been getting sketchy around my rural home so I have decided to carry. I have a small collection of firearms, some I inherited and some I have bought. I have a Sig P224 9MM SA/DA on order and that will be my primary carry pistol. I shoot several other full size Sigs and like how the 224 employs the same basic controls in a small package.

    I am mostly a motorcycle guy and have spent my entire life working in the motorcycle industry.

  11. Hey, I'm brand new to the forum. I'm from Arkansas. Looking forward to drawing on your knowledge!

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