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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Tim Nichols in Charleston, West Virginia. NRA Certified instructor.

  3. Thanks for this site. I just found it.. I am in W.Va., and licensed for Concealed Carry for the fourth renewal. I am a believer. Thanks again for this site.

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    Since I'm posting in this thread, obviously I'm a new guy here. I'm currently serving in the Army and looking into getting my CCW permit which led me here. I'm also looking around to see if I can find any tips on methods of shooting handguns as I've pretty much taught myself what I know about shooting.

  5. Hello from new member in NE Florida.

  6. Hearty welcome to all new members!

  7. New to this forum from Oregon!

  8. New member in the Republik of Kalifornia. Fight the good fight my brothers or you'll end up the empty shell that California has become.

  9. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I've been around guns all my life and have been cc'ing for about 10 years now. Look forward to discussing topics and learning new things with you guys and gals.

  10. Just got my county restrictions removed as I am a business owner here in the peoples republic of new yorkistan. Here on Long Island the county of Suffolk overrides the state issued CCW with something they like to call "sportsmans" restriction which only "allows" to carry for going to and from the range and during legal hunting expeditions but now as long as I don't venture into the liberal breeding grounds of NYC I'm OK.

  11. One time Winnemucca resident

    Quote Originally Posted by ADJ423 View Post
    Hello from a newbie in central Nevada.
    Where in Nevada are you located?
    There is a lot of public land available to you. I thought it would be the same in New Mexico but, surprisingly, it's not.
    Just purchased a SAR B6P compact. It's only my second handgun but I have to wonder if NAME brands are of equal quality. A sweet shooter.

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