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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. I'm new myself, hello to everyone

  3. Hello Mr.Horsepower here.
    Just a quick hello to everyone here at USA Carry!!! And thanks for having me...

  4. Just moved to Indiana from Nevada. Long time concealed carry gun owner. Want to understand Indiana and mid-west CCW situation. Glad to be on board!

  5. Arkansas lurker

    Howdy from NW Arkansas
    Been lurking around for quite awhile, so I thought I would join up.

  6. welcome etcher1 and all you new members from river valley Ark

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  7. Welcome new members

  8. Just curious - are you a Jimmie Johnson fan or were you born in 1948?

    [email protected] (born in 46 but a great fan of #48 - Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR 6-TIme Champion)

  9. Just a quick intro...
    I'm a Vietnam era Vet, have a CC permit in PA. I believe I'm law abiding, love my country, not willing to discuss political agendas, I'm a church going individual that is on several parish committees, but believe in my right to carry and in the second amendment if for at least self protection.

    God Bless these here United States of America and thanks to all the vets that served before me, with me and after me. God Bless you all!

    PS; I also have several relatives in law enforcement and may God bless the them as well all the other good LE people.
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  10. Newbie

    Hello all,

    I just joined USA Carry and I'm excited to post some things in the forums. I'm new to shooting and carrying, with a Glock 19 Gen 3 in a N8^2 Professional IWB holster. Here's a picture of the very first time I ever shot my Glock (or any handgun for that matter) back in Summer of 2013:

    New Member Welcome Thread 2-glock-19-range-target.png

    Shot at the super-newbie distance of 3 yards (it was an Intro to Handguns class).

  11. Down Range Tactical in Spring Valley, IL is excited to be a new part of the USA Carry comunity. Stay strong in your defense of our 2nd Amendment rights!

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